Updated 11:09 PM EST, Fri, Jan 28, 2022

Donald Trump Comments on Hispanic Judge in Trump University Case

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump claims that the fraud charges that he has been pressed with are part of a conspiracy formed by New York attorney General Eric.T. Schneiderman and President Obama. Moreover, he said that the judge is intentionally hostile against him mainly because he is Hispanic. 

The GOP frontrunner asserted that the judge in the civil lawsuit over Trump University has a personal agenda. "We have a very hostile judge because to be honest with you, he should have thrown out the lawsuit," Trump charged. "He's Hispanic, which is fine and we haven't asked for a recusal, which we may do." He said the hostility of the judge is "beyond belief." 

Asked if he will just settle the suit, Trump disagreed. He said that settling will only make everybody sue him, thinking they can easily get him to just pay to make charges vanish. 

The judge he may be referring to is U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who back in July, asserted that the businessman turned politician should disclose his net worth, in the case involving people who said Trump U was a scam. He has not explained, though, why he would say the judge is being hostile, except that he is Hispanic. He also did not explain in what way the judge was being hostile against him.

Trump also said there simply should not be a case against him. He said the plaintiff that started the lawsuit against Trump U had in the past praised the school on paper.  "She's on film saying how great [it] is." Trump said. 

Therefore, he believes that a conspiracy is going on between the Attorney General and President Obama. "The Attorney General gets a campaign contribution from the law firm that's suing me," Trump accused of Eric Schneiderman, saying he's not that respectable in New York for doing a "terrible job." 

"He meets with Obama, gets a campaign contribution I think ... and all of a sudden he meets with Obama...the following day or two, he brings a lawsuit against me," Trump alleged. He believes he can certainly win the case, which is currently on appeal.

For the Attorney General's part, he said that they already ruled that Trump University was opened illegally in New York. It is deemed an "unlicensed educational institution." The judge also said that Trump's comment about the judge being Hispanic is uncalled for. He said there is no place for "racial demagoguery" in this legal process.  

Here is a video on Trump University's case discussed by CNN:


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