Updated 01:49 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Brazil Ex-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso Investigated for Alleged Payments to Former Lover

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Brazil's former present Fernando Henrique Cardoso is currently in the hot seat. Allegedly, he asked a private company to provide final support for his ex-lover, who currently resides abroad.

Brazilian police are currently investigating accusations that ex-President Cardoso has arranged $3,000 monthly payments to his ex-lover, former TV journalist Mirian Dutra through the firm, Brasif. Dutra currently resides in Spain. 

The allegations came from no one but the lady in question, Ms. Dutra. Allegedly, the transfers started more than a decade ago -- in 2002. It was also the year before Mr. Cardoso stepped down from office. 

Mr. Cardoso however, is denying all these accusations. The company involved in the accusations also explained that the payment they have been giving Dutra was for the work she did for them. The company denies any involvement from the former state leader.

Dutra has been with Brazil's Globo TV for 35 years as a reporter before losing her job in December 2015. "I don't want to take this to my grave," she said of her relationship with the ex-President in an interview with Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. Mr. Cardsodo did not deny the relationship, saying it lasted for six years and that it happened even before he took on the presidency. On her part, however, Dutra revealed that they only broke up because she refused to have her child aborted, which is illegal in Brazil. 

After she delivered her son, Tomas, she requested Globo TV to transfer her to Lisbon. She moved to Spain after a few years. She revealed that while there, she was being supported by Mr. Cardoso. She detailed that from December 2002 to December 2006, she was receiving the support through Brasif, a company operating duty-free shops across Brazilian airports. She also revealed that she has a fake contract with the company and never worked for it. "He sent me money through this company. I have evidence," she said. "It was all arranged by my sister's husband, Fernando Lemos, who was the top lobbyist in Brasilia at the time," she added. 

Brasif released a statement that Dutra conducted research work for them and was paid because of this --not because the former president asked them to. The company also said that Mr. Cardoso never gave them any money. While Mr. Cardoso admitted to financially supporting Dutra and Tomas, he denied that he used Brasif for the purpose. 

Here is a video that talked of Mr. Cardoso's role in the boost of Brazilian economy: 


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