Updated 03:45 PM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Pope Francis Meets His Valentine at a Mexico Hospital

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On the celebration of Hearts' Day, Pope Francis met his Valentine in a hospital in Mexico City on Sunday.

According to Yahoo News, the head of the Catholic Church was gifted with a card by a young girl bound in a wheelchair at the Federico Gómez Pediatric Hospital in Mexico City.

It noted that little girl made the Valentine card for the pontiff and really wanted to personally give him the note with a big heart drawn on the cover.

"You made this?" Pope Francis asked before he thanked the sweet girl for the gesture.

Yahoo News added that the Pope offered kisses and prayers for the sick children at the said hospital and even talked to some of them.

Many patients stopped and took a selfie with him while others gave him a tight hug.

The Catholic News Agency also mentioned that the Pope gave children rosaries and then recited prayers with them.

What was more moving was Pope Francis' gesture to act like a doctor, administering medicine to a small boy using a dropper.

Vatican Radio said the Pope fervently prayed for the healing of the sick children in the said hospital. He claimed that he felt blessed for being given the opportunity to meet them and their families.

"Thank you for the kind way that you welcomed me, thank you for recognizing the tenderness with which you are cared for and accompanied. Thank you for the efforts of many who are doing their best so that you can get better quickly," the pontiff said.

He added that a vital part of the recovery of these sick kids is the care and the love that their families and friends offer them.

In relating Catholic teachings to the condition of the sick children, Pope Francis likened them to Jesus when he was still young and "very small."

He claimed that when the young Jesus was presented by his parents to Simeon in the temple, the man of Jerusalem was very happy and felt the need to bless him.

The medical facility was also previously visited by the former Pope and St. John Paul II when he came to Mexico way back in 1979.

It was noted in the Yahoo News report that Pope Francis love to visit hospitals for children during his trips in various countries.

The Pope loves kids -- that cannot be denied. In his motorcades and public appearances, he would request his security personnel to carry young kids to him. He kisses them gently and says a little prayer for them.

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