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Taylor Swift's 'Out of the Woods' Music Video: Behind the Scenes Footage [Watch]

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Taylor Swift recently released the 'behind the scenes' footage of her video, "Out of the Woods," which showcased her battling nature and running from wolves in freezing temperatures and "gloppy" mud. People noted that during filming, the crew may have been wearing warm clothes, but Taylor herself had to suffer the low temperatures dressed in thin blue dresses.

Even Director Joseph Khan saluted Taylor's dedication to her craft. In a tweet last month, the director said, "Taylor was so dedicated to making this video. I was wrapped in snow gear. She was in a dress. She suffered for her art."

He went on, "Taylor chose to stay in the mud for hours to keep the shoot moving. No in and out. Just gangstered it. She is bad ass."

She also saw the irony of the "frozen" blue dress, which was actually the warmest. To give it a stiff look, she noted that it was dipped in wax.

Still, despite shooting on location, the most difficult scene was of Taylor in a sound stage, covered in mud. The pop star admitted, "It's going to be terrible and gloppy and cold and slimy and I'm going to be crawling in it and I have to meet a friend later. There's going to be a lot to explain. Why do you look like this?"

Khan shared that the video is full with metaphors, as the song describes someone who is suffering emotionally, shown through the different landscapes of trees, forests, snow, and water.

Speaking of metaphors, E! Online noted that the video ended with a message that read, "She lost him, but she found herself. And somehow that was everything."

What does that bit mean? Taylor explained, "I go through all this stuff and all these trials and tribulations and at the end I find-da da dadaaaaa-myself."

So what else did fans learn about the making of the video? Billboard noted that yes, the trees were really on fire (not too environment-friendly, Taylor!), and no, the roots growing on her in the forest were not real --they were done with some CGI magic.

On a separate note, Billboard also mentioned that the 26-year-old actress will be performing at the Grammys, although it hasn't been confirmed whether or not she will perform "Out of the Woods." Fans will just have to wait and see.

For now, check out the making of the music video below:

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