Updated 11:28 PM EDT, Wed, Aug 04, 2021

Organic Honey in Cuba a Success Amidst Declining Bee Populations

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While the bee population all around the world continues to decline, Cuba is looking to add organic honey as one of its chief exports. Organic honey is valued as one of the country's most successful imports besides rum and Cuban cigars.

The Guardian reports that bee keepers in the country have long marketed the country's honey as organic, since they do not use pesticides. Because of the fall of the Soviet Union more than two decades ago, Cuba was unable to afford pesticides, thereby forcing the country to look for an alternative. Now those efforts are paying off as organic honey is now the country's fourth most valuable export.

The declining bee population has become a global problem as pesticides have been known to kill bees. Bee farmers from across the United States and Canada have raised their concerns of the effects of pesticides on the bees and the entire honey industry.

Since Cubans had to eliminate pesticides entirely, it became a necessity to turn to organic farming. It is only lately that the country has begun to reap its rewards, as the government's policies have not changed.

The United States has also eased the thaw on relations in the country and is set to restore diplomatic ties in Cuba. Because of this, Cuban organic exporters are now hoping to see even more opportunities open up for them should the US government show its share of support.

It was reported that the country managed to produce 7,200 tons of organic honey back in 2014, which valued about $23.3m. Cuba exports most of its honey to Europe, the data says.

Bee keepers in Cuba have a small and natural environment for their bees. The Cuban bee farmers also sell their wares directly to the Cuban government and are being paid at the market price.

The Cuban bee keepers are reaping the sweet success of their honey industry. Though they are considered to be small players compared to Argentina and China, Cubans believe that they might have stumbled upon a lucrative market, Delta Optimist reports.

While many bee farmers in Cuba believe that the business is just picking up, they are sure it will only get bigger. Many of the bee farms in Havana started off from scratch and are now hoping to reap the rewards of partnering with the United States.

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