Updated 12:04 PM EDT, Fri, Aug 17, 2018

Mexico Taking Extra Precaution Against Zika Virus During Pope Francis' Visit

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The Mexican government is doing what it can to put its best foot forward in preparation for Pope Francis' visit. Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Chiapas and Michoacán, which according to medical authorities, have the most cases of the Zika strain.

Efforts have been made in various parts of the world to contain Zika's spread. In Brazil, Carnival has been in full swing despite the country feeling the brunt of the attacks. President Dilma Rousseff has continued efforts to prevent the virus' spread by eliminating various breeding points of mosquitoes. However, Pope Francis' visit to Mexico may hasten Zika's spread as devotees flock to the country.

In a report with Fox News Latino, efforts are being made to protect the Pontiff of Rome's health as well as to prevent the virus from spreading even further. While the papal visit will attract a great number of devotees from across the globe, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has advised pregnant women to avoid travelling to the countries affected with the Zika virus.

Jesús Felipe González Roldán, who heads the organization's local office, said that the country has taken specific steps in protecting the 79-year old pope's health. So far, Roldan said that Mexico has already started house-to-house campaigns to spray the surroundings. He also added that the government recently launched the aerial anti-mosquito spraying.

The spread of the Zika virus has become a cause for alarm across the globe. In Latin America, women's rights are being called into question as women are being advised to delay pregnancy. Countries across Latin America have restricted laws on abortion, including El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The Guardian reported that the Catholic Church has remained relatively silent regarding the widespread case of Zika. Pope Francis himself has called for women who have undergone abortions to confess their sins to a priest. He added that facing the reality of abortion is a moral ordeal.

Roldan added that the Mexican government will continue these health safety measures for as long as the pope has returned to Rome.

There will also be efforts to improve on sanitation, particularly in the areas where the Pope will be visiting. Roldan added that he and his team are hard at work finding potential breeding grounds for the mosquitoes and eliminating them.

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