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Casa Verde Empire Still Hails Champion at São Paulo Carnival Despite Theme Confusion: Watch Performance Here

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Imperio de Case Verde (Casa Verde Empire) was hailed as champions for the Sao Paulo Carnival in Brazil despite confusion in the scoring of the judges.

According to Correio do Estado, the winning school came up with a presentation that showcased scenes from past civilizations. Their number also showed myths and legends of lost communities coupled with a parade of luxury cars.

For the carnival, the schools were required to work on the theme "Empire of the Mysteries," but the same report claimed that Case Verde did not choose the traditional way.

Instead, they interpreted the theme in a more creative way by presenting ideas on ancient civilizations, survival on other planets and life after death, as per the school's Carnival director Jorge Freitas.

But despite their superb and unique performance, Globo claimed that the deliberations for the winner were tense and long, especially when one juror forgot to cast a grade for the Empire Casa Verde.

Under the rules, the same report mentioned that if a judge neglects to put a score for a school, that particular contestant will garner the highest grade that other jurors gave to them.

Luckily for Empire, a judge gave them a 10, which was given to them again for the juror who forgot to rate them.

However, Globo said that this sparked confusion and even a debate, especially when it was found out that another judge also forgot to rate the Royal Dragoons.

It added that the police even intervened when the situation got more tense as other schools threatened to boycott the contest while deliberations were going on.

They had to recalculate the scores of the entries to make sure that the rightful winner was announced.

The final tally, as per Correio, showed Casa Verde on top with 269.4 points, followed by Mocidad Alegre and Academicos do Tatuape, which both got 269.1 points.

Epoca noted that the last time Imperio won a championship in the Carnival presentation was in 2006.

In addition, Correio mentioned that the school started operating in 1994 and had also won the title in 2005.

Meanwhile, Entretenimento said that Freitas wanted to focus more on a luxury for the theme and the school's presentation this year. It was the factor that made them different from the rest.

It noted that Imperio's presentation also involved the school's symbol, a 70-meter animal they call the "dos tigres do abre-alas" while presenters wore colorful costumes as they paraded through the streets.

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