Updated 11:51 AM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Beyonce's New Single 'Formation Helps Boost Red Lobster Sales [Listen]

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American casual dining restaurant chain Red Lobster became a big gainer, thanks to Beyonce's new single "Formation."

According to USA Today, a lot of the pop diva's fans and music lovers flocked to the restaurant's various locations after Beyonce mentioned it in her song.

In a line in the single, Beyonce said she treats husband Jay Z to a Red Lobster meal after they make love.

"When he f-- me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster, 'cause I slay," read the song's lyrics.

The seafood restaurant chain told USA Today that this special mention has helped them up their sales to 33 percent during the Super Bowl 50 last Sunday, where Beyonce debuted "Formation."

Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup also mentioned in the same report that they were not aware that the singer included their restaurant chain in her newest single. Lopdrup noted that they were only informed when it became viral on social media.

"We had nothing to do with the song and had no advance knowledge of it being released. We learned about it by seeing that we were trending as number one on Twitter, which is probably the first time that has ever happened," the restaurant CEO explained.

More than 300,000 people mentioned Red Lobster in their tweets during the Super Bowl weekend, USA Today added.

Lopdrup also told The Sydney Morning Herald that they were happy that Beyonce's fans and supporters also love their food offerings.

The company made good use of the instant publicity and used the reference on their Twitter account.

"You definitely slay, @Beyonce. Thanks for one heck of a weekend," read one of the company's tweets along with others that were also written with the hashtag (#) Formation and #Beyonce.

Because of this unexpected surge in sales, CNBC said that Red Lobster has already started naming some of its food items after Beyonce, like "Bey" Biscuits and "Bey" Breeze drinks.

The company also reportedly tagged this boost in sales as the "Beyonce Bounce."

Initially released a day before the Super Bowl event, the "Formation" single touched on police cruelty, black financial power and even Hurricane Katrina, as per The New York Times.

The online news provider's pop music critic Jon Caramanica observed that the song and its video portrays a lot of issues in society. He noted that it was done with a high level of creativity and artistry that sends a message of a political movement.

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