Updated 12:50 PM EDT, Tue, Oct 19, 2021

How to Play 'Final Fantasy IX' on Your Android, iOS Device: Gameplay, Details & Price

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"Final Fantasy IX" is finally on mobile, giving iOS and Android users the opportunity to play Square Enix's science fiction game.

According to Geek, the game's mobile offering includes updates like auto-saves, achievements, high-definition character types and the choice to do away with "random encounters."

Venture Beat added that players can also navigate through the game by simply using the screens of their mobile phones.

For its introductory price, the game developer decided to offer it with a 20 percent slash on the original tag, making it $17 until February 21.

But before purchasing the game, Gamespot advised buyers to keep in mind that the game file is a bit bulky at 4GB so players will need more than 8 GB of space before it can be downloaded.

This can be enjoyed by iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone users who have iOS 7 or higher. Android users, on the other hand, need to have at least an Android 4.1 version.

As for the game's story, Droid Life said it will tackle the kidnapping of Alexandria's heir Princess Garnet, who has always wanted to experience freedom.

The Princess embarks on an amazing journey with her abductor, Zidane, and her guard, Steiner.

As per 9to5Mac, players can get educated on new abilities through equipping themselves with items. Another useful feature is the Trance gauge, which gives characters great skills when they enter the said mode.

It added that two items can also be combined to create a superior and stronger item.

Aside from these game features, IGN also noted that the Final Fantasy IX mobile version comes with "built-in" cheats for players who want to get a huge amount of money or leave out a particular battle.

Some of these cheats can be found on the Booster tab of the Config Menu, like Master Abilities, which allow users to master their skills in an instant. The Gil Max gives players the maximum amount of money and the Level/Stone Max or the level skipper.

IGN also underscored that a fast forward cheat could also be accessed when gamers press the Pause button.

The game, which launched back in 2000 for the original PlayStation console, has also been made available for the past years on other gaming platforms like the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PSP and PlayStation Network.

A PC release date has been rumored early this year but no specific details have been announced.

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