Updated 08:31 AM EST, Fri, Jan 21, 2022

'Hitman' Reboot's Beta Set Out this Week: What to Expect

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Square Enix unveils the scheduled release of "Hitman" Beta with a trailer and a page that answers all frequently asked questions about the launch.

The recently released trailer reveals what is already known to most: the new "Hitman" game, called "Hitman Prologue," will cover the origins of Agent 47 and how he became an assassin for the International Contract Agency (ICA).

Aside from that, the video uploaded over YouTube reveals in the clip's title the exact date of the beta release, leaving enthusiasts nothing to speculate about.

The new "Hitman Prologue" will be rolled out to PlayStation 4 users on February 12 at exactly 08:00 PST, while PC Beta is set to begin release by February 19 11:00 CET.

However, Xbox One users should not hold their breath just yet as there had been no announcement made on whether or not Square Enix made a beta version of the game that is compatible for their consoles.

Beyond that, the new "Hitman" FAQ page explains details that are useful for players who wish to know the basics: what is included in the beta, how to gain access, when it will begin, and many others.

"The HITMAN Prologue. That's the very beginning of the game, set at a top secret recruitment and training facility. The Prologue revolves around how Agent 47 joined the ICA and shows the first time that 47 meets his long-time handler, Diana Burnwood," the page reads.

Aside from the highly anticipated back story for Agent 47, the beta is also said to contain introductions to gameplay mechanics and features.

It also presents a pair of free-form training hits which allows the players "to replay each hit as many times as you wish throughout the beta period to complete the challenges and the multiple ways to take down your target."

The site also revealed that while every feature in the beta version would appear in the full game upon its release on March 11, the gamers' progress in the former will not be carried over to the latter.

Furthermore, the beta game is pegged at 4.7 GB both in PS4 and PC.

Obviously, downloading the game requires Internet connection, but the FAQ page also highlighted one other fact: gamers should remain connected while playing "Hitman" beta.

Minimum and recommended PC requirements are also revealed via Steam, where players using their personal computers can pre-order the game.

Finally, Square Enix also decided to create a HITMAN Player Panel for the duration of the beta period to allow them to communicate with a select group of players who can provide feedback and input to improve the full game.

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