Updated 07:25 AM EDT, Wed, Jun 23, 2021

The New York Times Launches Website in Spanish for Latinos

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To better reach Spanish-speaking readers, The New York Times has launched a Spanish news website on Monday.

Latino Fox News reported that the website will contain articles that have been translated from English to Spanish as well as even more original Spanish content.

It added that this introduction is in addition to the print edition that is distributed weekly in Latin America and has been for a few years now.

According to the newspaper's deputy international editor Lydia Polgreen, this new website will have stories that are relevant to the South American population, and popular among them. 

Content will be provided by a team in the region and in Spain.

It was added in the Knight Center report that a team composed of Latino journalists will also be based in Mexico City to produce content for the new website.

The same report underscored that it is only in Latin America where The New York Times is putting effort to produce news in the local language since the region is an important market for them.

"For Spanish and Portuguese-language media organizations aiming to extend their coverage on key events, The New York Times News Service provides a curated selection of in-language news analysis and commentary, paired with images and video, for use in print, online and mobile environments," read a line in their website.

In 2013, the Times wanted to build a website in Portuguese for readers in Brazil, but Knight Center claimed that it did not prosper. The well-known newspaper has only been able to publish stories in Chinese, besides the regular English medium.

It was also highlighted that the Spanish-language website can be accessed for free now. However, it is still unclear if a change in the rates of their News Service will be implemented because of the website's launch.

Meanwhile, Media Post said that the content on the website is also not limited to 10 articles a month for people who are not subscribed to the website. It claimed that there is also an option for readers to sign up for Boletin, the e-mail newsletter of The New York Times.

The launch of the website was said to be done with the help of sponsors like Spanish renewable energy business Acciona, Formula 1 Gran Premio de Mexico 2016 and bank chain Banamex.

Media Post also noted that the introduction of the website was done in time for Pope Francis' visit to Mexico.

Readers should expect photos, videos, reviews on the website aside from the usual news and investigative reports.

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