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Chile Overtakes France as Top Wine Exporter to Japan: 5 Must-Try Chilean Wines

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When it comes to wines, France has always been among the most popular importers in the world, with their vineyards practically an art form. However, in Japan, it seems that France is not the top wine importer anymore: that honor has now been given to Chile.

The Japan News said that Chilean wines are now number one in annual import volume in 2015, with reasonable prices and "approachable flavors" accounting for the increase in imports, as did the 2007 Economic Partnership between Japan and Chile. The Latin American country's next goal, however, is to penetrate the higher-end markets.

As noted by the Finance Ministry's statistics, the import volume of Chilean wines went up to 51.59 million, an 18 percent increase from 2014's imports. French wines, on the other hand, came up with 51.51 million liters, a 3 percent drop from the year prior.

So now that Chilean wines are making their mark in the business, which ones should you try first? Here is a list you could bring for your next wine-tasting adventure:

  1. Truly Irresistible Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir  -- Deliciously smooth and deeply fruity, this flavorful wine is ripe with red plums with subtle hints of chocolate and hazelnut.
  2. Mayu Shiraz Reserva Elqui Valley -- Named after the ancient Inca name for the Milky Way Constellation, Mayu is from Chile's northernmost vineyards and is regarded as one of Chile's finest shiraz, made after the same style of the Syrah-based wines in France. It has intense ripe red fruit flavors, pepper, spice, and a touch of vanilla.
  3. Anakena El Viajero Sauvignon Blanc Leyda Valley -- Boasting with inviting aromas of citrus fruits, this zesty wine is great for easy drinks. Complemented with grassy notes, the Anakena El Viajero sauvignon blanc goes well with seafood dishes.
  4. Old Vines Carignan Maule -- Brooding and sensuous, this red wine is not to be missed. With intense raspberry, baked herbs, and dark chocolate flavors, this wine comes with a bittersweet finish that gives it character and notable elegance.
  5. Miguel Torres Days of Summer Itata Valley -- Light and crisp, this wine comes with nectarine, peach, and honeysuckle flavors that are reminiscent of summer days. With its white grape and tropical aromas, it has an easy-going feel that makes it perfect for ceviche and seafood salads.

This is only a short list of the wines waiting to be explored from Chile, proving that good wine need not be expensive. Look south of the globe -- exquisite tastes are there for you to discover, and Chilean wine is a great start.

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