Updated 03:43 AM EST, Sun, Mar 07, 2021

Apple’s iPad Air 3 to Resemble the iPad Pro? [Rumors]

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Apple's iPad Air 3, rumored to be unveiled in the tech giant's March 15 event, will reportedly bear a close resemblance with the iPad Pro, but with better specifications.

According to sources with knowledge of Apple's inner workings, the iPad Air 3 will be equipped with a Smart Connector port, similar to the one already used in the iPad Pro, ValueWalk reported. This claim could turn out to be true, given that photos of cases for the new iPad model were leaked recently.

The pictures showcased an iPad Air 3 design that resembles the iPad Pro, with space for the Smart Connector also seen. This proposes that Apple will "follow the policy of enabling a connected keyboard to be central to the design of the iPad Air 3, in common with the previous iPad Pro," the news outlet wrote.

The leaked images also showed a keyboard accessory that features a kickstand with keyboard layout, according to WCCFtech. This suggests that the upcoming tablet will not only serve as a notebook substitute, but as a device with a large screen perfect for entertainment purposes.

Other rumored specs for the iPad Air 3 include an improved speaker system with four separate units, and a rear-LED flash, ValueWalk listed. The headphone jack and lock button will reportedly be situated at the top of the tablet. Volume buttons will be located on the device's right side, while an enhanced camera will be placed at its rear.

Apple's iPad Air 3 -- More Rumored Specs & Featured

According to a separate report from WCCFtech, the iPad Air 3 will have the same 9.7-inch screen size as its predecessor. The upcoming tablet is also expected to have 4K display, an A9X processor chip, and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM for better multitasking.

In addition, a leaked schematic revealed that the device will likely be 0.05mm thicker and 0.1mm wider than the iPad Air 2, ValueWalk further reported. The tablet's touchscreen is said to have support for Apple Pencil, which was released alongside the iPad Pro in 2015.

Another rumor also claimed that Apple will use the iPad Air 3 as its testing ground for the enhanced low light shooting technology that was originally planned to be utilized in the iPhone 7 later this year, the news outlet noted.

Apple's iPad Air 3 -- Price

Price estimations for the iPad Air 3 are still few at this point, but ValueWalk wrote that it's unlikely that Apple will significantly increase the tablet's price over the existing iPad Air 2. The 16GB variant of the iPad Air 2 can be bought starting at $499.

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