Updated 02:14 AM EST, Mon, Mar 01, 2021

iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs & Price Rumors: Top 5 Concepts to Check Out Now

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The coming of the next installment in the iPhone series, the iPhone 7, is now a much-anticipated smartphone by millions of Apple fans and users.

Since last year, various concept ideas on how the phone would look like and improve on the features of the previous release are coming out for here and there.

Here are some concepts for the upcoming iPhone release:

1. New iPhone to have solar-powered charging.

TechnoBuffalo said the main feature of the concept images of a certain Herman Haidin imagines the iPhone 7 as a device that can charge wirelessly or through solar power.

Aside from this, users can also reportedly expect an Apple phone that can be submerged underwater but still can take quality photos for sharing on social media.

The phone which will have a 5-inch display is also planned to come with a battery-saving feature that allows users to save on power even if they will not turn off their iPhones.

2. iPhone 7 users do not need to touch their handset to navigate and interact.

As per The Week, some discovered patents filed by the tech company revealed that the 3D touch feature of present models will be more developed to enable users to use their phones even without a touch.

It explained that with a simple hover of a finger or a hand, iPhone 7 owners can activate sensor buttons on the phone that will let them control or scroll on the menu.

3. An Apple Phone with 4K Retina Display.

Another concept presented by WCCF Tech shows an iPhone 7 with an "edge-to-edge" 4K retina display and a Force Touch feature.

It claimed that the phone will also sport a 16 MP rear camera and a 5MP secondary shooter for perfect selfies.

4. A redesigned iPhone.

Meanwhile, BGR reported that the version of artists Arthur Reis of the iPhone 7 shows a thinner but stronger handset.

The report noted that the phone will have a stainless steel and scratch-resistant body but with a decreased height and width.

It added that the concept also improved the battery life of the iPhone to 16 hours even with the usage of LTE connection.

5. No more Home Button.

Telegraph said that designer Antonio De Rosa discarded the usual home buttons of iPhones in his concept image of the iPhone 7 and integrated the "Digital Crown" feature from the Apple Watch.

According to MacWorld, the iPhone 7 could be released on the second or third week of December based on the previous release dates of earlier models.

It added that the public is expecting a 4.7-inch main phone with a bigger 5.5-inch brother, the iPhone 7 Plus. There is still no estimated price range for the upcoming phone.

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