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Top 5 Latin American TV Series to Catch This 2016

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Latin America is famous for its quality television shows that have captured audiences around the world in the past years.

For 2016, the region is about to be once again amazed with the upcoming offerings for the Latino viewers as well as people from across the globe.

Below are some of the to TV series in Latin America for this year:

1. "El Hotel De Los Secretos"

This Univision TV show released last January 25 this year is said to be an adaptation of Spanish drama series "Gran Hotel," which run from 2011 to 2013.

According to Series FLV, the "El Hotel De Los Secretos" is set in 1908 at a hotel where stories of secrets, betrayal and love are formed.

Latin Times also noted that the show is one of the most awaited telenovelas in the region and stars top caliber actors and actresses like Jesus Ochoa, Ilse Salas, Jorge Poza, Dominika Paleta, Ximena Herrera, Alejandro De La Madrid, Sofía Castro and Claudia Ramirez.

The story begins with the meeting of Alicia Alarcón (Irene Azuela) and Julio Olmedo (Erick Elías) aboard a train. The two again met at the hotel that is described to be full of ghosts from the past. The core couple of the show is expected to encounter struggles as the series continue and eventually realize their love for one another.

2. "La Querida Del Centauro"

Telemundo said this offering, which was released last Jan. 12, tells a story of a beautiful woman, Yolanda, who chose to live a solitary life. When she was incarcerated, she became the lover of Benedictine Garcia, who is considered to be one of the most wanted drug traffickers in Mexico.

A separate Latin Times report added that the power she harnessed because of that relationship became bad news for her when she was released from prison. Yolanda was later on utilized as a means to find Garcia when he went into hiding.

3. "Eva La Trailera"

This is another Telemundo offering that centres on the story of Eva Soler, a truck driver who is faced with family and marital problems. The show's website said that she planned to take revenge against her husband Armando but ended up falling in love with another man named Paul. The first episode of the series aired last Jan. 26.

4. "La Tierra Y La Sombra"

The Vore said that this recently-aired Colombian TV series deals with stories about families, emotions and other genres since it is closely similar to "Hermanitas Calle."

5. Narcos Season 2

Netflix's special about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is expected to have a second season followup this year. Cinema Blend said this is expected to deal with more cocaine for the upcoming season.

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