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Brazil Carnival Celebrations: Where to Go & What to Expect

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The Carnival season in Brazil is here once again. Despite the threat of the Zika virus, locals and tourists can't seem to stop themselves from celebrating the biggest festival in the country.

It is set to take place from Feb. 5 - 10. TravelPulse noted that the celebration is not only centered in Rio de Janeiro but is also observed in other parts of Brazil.

Here are some great places you can visit.


Carnival Bookers said the main highlight in the celebration in Fortaleza is the samba, culture and art of Brazil.

Many go out on the streets for parties and samba parades. Avenida Beira-mar has a great atmosphere where everybody dances along the streets until late at night.

Thousands of foreigners flock to this town to take part in the Carnival celebrations or simply enjoy the beautiful beaches.


Almost 2 million individuals go to Salvador yearly for the Carnival, according to Jungle Drums Online. The same report noted that the place has been declared as the place with "the largest street party" in the entire world by the Guinness Book of Records.

According to Travel Pulse, the festivities in Salvador begins with the Baile dos Mascarados, a masquerade ball. The mayor also gives out the symbolic key to the so-called "Carnival King."

In addition, Salvador Carnival Info said that two grand parades are hosted in Salvador annually: the Barra/Ondina and the Campo Grande/Avenida.


Travel Blog shared that the celebration in the capital state of the Amazonas is not a boring and wasteful opportunity as many others declare.

It claimed that people in the locality are very friendly and the entire place seems safe.

The same travel website noted the floats which circle the streets. They are "amazing" even though they cannot really be compared with those in Rio.

It was also mentioned in the TravelPulse article that the Carnival celebration in Manaus traces its roots to the 20th century, which has colorful traditional costumes.

Recife and Olinda

Janelas Albertas discussed that these two cities are the cheapest way to enjoy the Carnival in Brazil while giving people the "most cultural and most colourful" experience.

It also noted that small parties along the streets usually happen a few days before the Carnival celebration itself.

Parties in these two cities are said to be free so visitors can enjoy a lot of activities without spending a lot of money.

One can also see colorful bands making rounds along the streets of the cities.

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