Updated 06:38 PM EDT, Mon, Sep 20, 2021

Teenager Found Beheaded in Joinville, Brazil: Fifth Minor Homicide Victim in a Series of Killings

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A 16-year-old boy is the newest casualty in the string of "barbaric murders" in Joinville, the largest city in the Santa Catarina State in Brazil.

Osol Diario reported that the minor was found with a decapitated head in the neighbourhood of Jardim Paraiso on Tuesday night.

But what is worse is that the perpetrators even recorded the killing of the teenager and uploaded in on social media.

It has been noted that a copy of the gruesome footage is already in the hands of the city's civilian and military police.

The same report noted that three murderers with masks on their faces were seen in the video while another cohort was filming the whole thing in a swamp.

The video revealed that the killers used an ax to hit the victim around 30 times on various parts of his body. Towards the end of the recording, one of the men used a knife to separate the teenager's head from his body.

A song playing in the background was used to cover the real audio of the recording.

"We believe that it is the same person (who appears in the video and the head found). They wanted to demonstrate strength and spread fear among the gangs and even put a song," said Akira Sato, a regional delegate in Joinville.

According to ANoticia, Court of Criminal Enforcement judge John Mark Buch has considered the beheading as "outrageous and affront."

He claimed that the public beheadings by the Islamic State, which was also uploaded on the Internet, served as a bad example to the others.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Public Security of Santa Catarina Caesar Grubba also denounced the killing in a Diario Catarinense report.

He also vowed to crack down on these organized murders to put an end to barbaric killings in the area.

The latest death is the 17th homicide for the year. In 2015, more than 120 deaths were recorded in the locality.

"We will develop tighter police operations against crime, repression, prevention and intelligence," he said noting that the State Office of Criminal Investigation will have additional staff to carry out these tasks.

Globo underscored that there has been growing violence in Joinville in the past five years. It claimed that authorities have been attributing the deaths of many individuals to drug trafficking.

The country is determined to reduce criminality by about 30 percent this year, as per Sato.

It was added that a police team, which will research and look into the killings, will also be established.

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