Updated 06:32 AM EST, Tue, Nov 24, 2020

Chinese Woman Gets Entire Flight for Herself after 10-Hour Delay

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Talk about traveling on a private plane. A Chinese woman became the only passenger on a commercial flight from Wuhan to Guangzhou in China when the rest of the airlines' customers did not show up after a 10-hour flight delay.

The South China Morning Post mentioned that the female passenger, only identified by her surname Zhang, was on her way home to Guangzhou on Monday, taking the two-hour flight alone.

It noted that the Southern Airlines Flight 2833 was supposed to take off on Sunday, but due to snow problems, it was only able to fly early Monday morning -- a 10-hour delay.

All of the passengers, except Zhang, had already booked earlier flights because of this long delay.

A post on her Weibo account showed Zhang posing inside the aircraft with no other passengers visible except the flight attendants.

"I'm the only one on the plane! Yes! Just myself as the passenger! And the whole crew! I feel filthy rich!" she said.

According to BBC, Zhang felt extremely happy to be given the rare experience.

"I felt so happy, it was a rare life experience for me and it was new. I felt like a rockstar," she told mentioned in the BBC report.

It also claimed that the lone passenger was given personalised attention by the pilot and the flight attendants of the airline.

BBC noted that the Chinese woman's post generated various comments from other Weibo users tagging her as "the new year's luckiest passenger."

"What a great way to fly, you are indeed very lucky to experience such hospitality especially at such a chaotic travelling period," one comment read.

Yahoo News also highlighted the fact the this was indeed a lucky and extremely rare instance since a lot of Chinese are traveling to their respective homes to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The season is said to be "the world's largest human migration and overcrowded planes, trains and automobiles are the norm," the same report said.

But because of extreme weather conditions, a lot of people have been stranded, mostly at train stations.

Telegraph also claimed that not all people involved in the season exodus were happy with Zhang's fate.

The report said that a Weibo user raised the lack of planes and other modes of transportation for the number of people traveling to other places in the country.

"Given the Chinese New Year timing when thousands of people are getting crushed while just trying to go home, isn't this wasteful?" Telegraph quoted the Weibo user as saying.

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