Updated 09:23 PM EST, Mon, Nov 23, 2020

Marco Rubio Focuses War on Rival Ted Cruz Instead of Donald Trump

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GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump may be the man of the polls, but Marco Rubio has focused his battles on another man -- Ted Cruz. Rubio avoided attacking Trump on Wednesday and focused on attacking Cruz instead.

Both Latinos won more than half the vote in the recently concluded Republican Iowa caucuses. Despite various polls and predictions, Senator Ted Cruz garnered 28 percent of the vote and Senator Marco Rubio got 23 percent. Both presidential hopefuls exceeded expectations and votes for any other Latino candidate in previous elections.

Trump has once again been running his mouth, this time focusing his sights on Ted Cruz. He complained of a "fixed" election in Iowa, claiming that Cruz's supporters spread rumors about some of the presidential candidates in order to garner support, Fox News Latino reports.

Rubio declined to comment on Trump's accusations, saying that he "had no idea" what Trump was talking about. Instead, he addressed Cruz's alleged spreading of rumors against presidential candidate, Ben Carson.

The Florida Senator has refused to target Trump. Though the former host of "The Apprentice" continues to lead the polls while the others are at war for a close second, Rubio said that he has no reason to attack Trump, at least not yet. He said that Trump has not outlined any actual policy details as of yet.

He added that he rarely focuses his battles on Trump and instead focuses more on talking about what he would do when he is president.

In a report with Today, Rubio went on to say that he has to make an "uphill climb" to victory, but he refuses to acknowledge Donald Trump as the man to beat. He said that Cruz was the one who was the "clear frontrunner."

Rubio has called Trump "a good entertainer." He added that while Trump was clearly a "funny guy," he said that voters will choose someone who takes The White House and the presidency seriously.

He added that running for president isn't about telling people what you are going to do, it is explaining how you are going to do it.

Both Latino candidates have defied expectations during the Iowa caucuses. Cruz and Rubio have a bitter rivalry going on and Rubio went on to address that during the interview, saying that Cruz's supporters have aired edited campaign footage to sabotage him. But Rubio says he will continue the fight.

"I think people know the truth," he said.

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