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The Perfect Dominican Republic Vacation: Beaches, Shipwrecks & More

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For most people, the Dominican Republic, despite being a tropical country with year-round, sunny weather, remains as an afterthought for vacations. However, there is a lot to see and explore on this beautiful island: check them out:

  1. Beaches -- There are a lot of pristine beaches in the country, and Rincon Beach tops the list, as it is far from the rush of the city, per Lonely Planet. While it takes awhile to access the place, there are convenient tours that will take you to Rincon, some of which have round-trip hotel transports and free lunches by the seaside.
  2. Shipwreck Sites -- Off the coast of the Catalina Island is the wreckage of Quedagh Merchant, the ship abandoned by William Kidd in the 17th Century. The ship was filled with satin, silk, silver, and gold, but the men Captain Kidd entrusted it to looted and burned it, setting it adrift until it sank just 70 feet off the coast of Catalina in waters merely 10 feet deep.
  3. Museums -- If visiting museums are your thing, the Museo del Hombre Dominicano in Santo Domingo is worth a visit. it has an impressive collection of Taino artifacts and intriguing urns and carvings. It also gives a bit of a history lesson, as there are exhibits focusing on slavery and the colonial period. African influences such as voodoo and contemporary rural Dominican life are also featured extensively. Brush up on your language though, as explanations are displayed in Spanish, although there are English-speaking guides available to take you on the tour.
  4. Carnivals -- For those who are already planning their trip to the DR this month, don't miss the Carnaval De La Vega, which is celebrated every February. It celebrates the pre-Lent season and is one of the oldest and most popular traditions in the carnival-crazed country. Starting out as a religious activity, El Carnaval de la Vega revolves around the story of good over evil, although in recent years, it evolved to include the celebration of the country's independence, which is celebrated on February 27.
  5. Architecture -- The Colonial City (also known as Zona Colonial) of Santo Domingo is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Founded in 1498, Santo Domingo is said to be over 106 hectares in size, bordered by walls, bastions, forts, and inscriptions as well. Its 32 streets crisscrossed on 116 blocks, and has become a strong influence on the development of many cities in the Caribbean and the rest of the American continent.

Also check out the video below for more tourist attractions:

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