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New 'Fallout 4' Patch Released! Additional Content Improves Settlement Management & More [Details]

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Bethesda Softworks released a new patch for "Fallout 4" that entails bug fixes as well as settlement management enhancement.

The "Fallout 4" 1.3 update is now automatically downloaded for gamers using PC on Steam, according to a February 2 post from the game developer's official website.

"The update has several new features - including PC-specific enhancements like our new ambient occlusion setting (HBAO+) -- as well as new fixes for gameplay, quests, and Workshop Mode," the post read.

Moreover, Bethesda also revealed that the new patch would later be rolled out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before the week ends.

The patch release for "Fallout 4" update 1.3 has long been expected since the company announced the schedule in January, according to Gotta Be Mobile.

New features include an added status menu for residents in the gamers' settlements, object rotation capabilities, and an improved remapping support using the "ESDF" keys.

The patch also includes an additional ambient occlusion setting (HBAO+) for PC users and weapon debris effects for gamers using PCs with NVIDIA cards.

Bugs in Workshop mode, such as incorrect settler counts and settler happiness calculations, an issue when the user sets up a supply line in heavily populated settlements have been fixed. In addition, powered items malfunctioning, drained copper supply due to building wires and others have been fixed as well. 

Gameplay fixes involve general memory, stability, damage calculations in Big Leagues, subtitles that are not updating properly, and many others.

Bethesda also added Quest fixes to the patch, which now allows users to kill Bull and Gouger in "Confidence Man," properly complete the "Human Error" quest after killing Dan and so on.

In short, "the game should run a lot more smoothly now," according to PC Gamer.

According to Techno Buffalo, these improvements will be very useful for gamers who spend plenty of time in "Fallout 4's" Build Mode because it now allows users to manage their settlers easier, since their status is already displayed.

The outlet noted that though the patch did not contain other improvements necessary to bring the game's interface on-level with games under the same genre, the update was a good step to make.

However, the game developer itself is expecting more issues to come from the update, which is why they left players a means of contacting their support staff, per Gotta Be Mobile.

If you come by issues with the new patch, you may contact the Bethesda support team via this link.

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