Updated 07:20 AM EDT, Sat, Apr 10, 2021

Mexican Feminist Group Fighting Sexual Harassment with Confetti Guns & Animal Masks? [Details]

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"Las Hijas de Violencia" shows the world how they fight sexual harassment while armed with the most unlikely weapons: confetti guns and animal masks.

The fearless group of Mexican women are arming themselves with party materials to scare away the creeps that catcall women whenever they walk the streets of Mexico City.

According to We Are Mitu, the group, called "Las Hijas de Violencia" or the "daughters of violence," use practical jokes and punk rock music to publicly shame men who do not respect women -- not only in Mexico but in every nation all over the world.

Based on the report, members of the feminist group put on a punk rock show to humiliate disrespectful men after literally grabbing their confetti guns and shooting straight at the catcallers.

The video below shows an actual scene where a member of Las Hijas de Violencia sings a punk rock song to shame men who try to whistle or shout at them.

The group uses a song called "Sexista Punk," which has lyrics that decry sexual harassment.

"You talk to me as if you were going to rape me. If you do this to me this way, I will respond," the song's lyrics declare.

According to the Huffington Post, these women do not only target those who disrespected them personally, but also protect women who are not brave enough to fight for themselves.

"We recommend that you have fun with it so that you're not left feeling violated from what happened," "Hija" member Ana Karen told YouTube vlogger AJ+.

"We must respond. If, by us responding [to catcalls], we can encourage more women to do the same, it's ideal," added Ana Beatriz, another member of the group.

Based on the Huffington Post report, Mexico has been described as having the highest number women who are long-term victims of sexual violence.

In fact, a United Nations record shows that it holds the highest number of reported cases, with almost half of the female population in the country declaring that they have been subjected to such torture and injustice.

A perfect example of the country's lingering problem with sexual harassment is the case of a Mexican male presenter who "jokingly" lifted his female co-host's skirt and groped her breasts while the show was being aired.

The video, which was featured in a report form Telegraph UK and published November last year, went viral all over the country.

What do you think of Las Hijas de Violencia's methods against sexual harrassment? 

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