Updated 05:39 PM EST, Fri, Jan 15, 2021

Time-Based Shooter Game 'Superhot" Coming on Feb. 25 for Linux, Mac & Windows PC [Gameplay & Details]

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Time-based shooter game "Superhot" is coming this month for Windows PC, Linux and Mac.

According to TechnoBuffalo, the game will be available on the mentioned platforms on Feb. 25. It added that the price tag of the game is $14, which is the same price as the pre-release version.

Engadget also noted that it took since 2013 for the game to be completed, noting a crowd funding campaign was even set up for it.

It was also noted that the game can also be purchased along with a soundtrack and a PDF artbook at $25.

This is expected to be available in the coming weeks for the Xbox One.

"Time only moves at normal speed when you move -- the challenge isn't so much dodging the hail of bullets as planning a route that won't box you into a corner," said Engadget as it described the game.

It added that players will only have a single life, limited ammunitions and no power-ups available.

In addition, Toms Hardware noted that a trailer for the game revealed a character who was seen "punching, slicing and shooting" while going through a hallway.

The same report also mentioned that the uniqueness of the game lies in its "strategic combat," since the time-based feature forces a gamer to create a strategy to take down enemies.

Toms Hardware also said that when players start moving, time also starts ticking. This will give gamers the chance to witness what they have worked for in the game.

According to Gamespot, a free browser version was released for the game in 2014, a year after Superhot's initial release.

That same year, a Kickstarter campaign also began and was an instant success, since it was able to raise an amount of $250,000 from 12,000 sponsors and backers.

"We took our sweet time. What started out as a small passion project ended up becoming a 2.5-year adventure. Superhot has far outgrown our wildest expectations," the game developers mentioned in the Kickstarter page.

They also noted that the game has evolved as time passed, involving more and more people in the process.

"Tens of thousands of you believed in the project and supported us throughout the development. Millions played the prototype and prerelease versions, providing invaluable feedback," the game's team added.

After its release, there are also expectations that the game will be made available for the virtual reality platform just like Epic Games’ "Bullet Train," which already has a demo out.

Toms Hardware added that players would love to also have this shooter game on the VR platform.

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