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5 Makeup Tips & Tricks from Latina Beauties

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Makeup can incite different opinions in people. While there are those who find that makeup is a great way to look great and boost one's self confidence, there are those who can do without. Applying one's makeup can be a daunting task, especially if one is still getting the hang of things.

One of the best ways to get a headstart in the world of makeup is to take a tip from the beauty bloggers of YouTube. The site is home to a bevy of beauties who offer their own tips and tricks in the makeup department. What better way to celebrate Latina heritage than by learning some makeup tips and tricks from Latina beauties?

1. Celebrate the skin you are born with by wearing a foundation color that complements your skin tone.

Mia Mariú professional make-up artist, Christina Ozaeta, said in a report with My Latinas is that the biggest mistake that many women, Latinas included, is picking the "wrong shade" of makeup for their skintone. She added that they tend to choose a shade too light for their skin, choosing foundations that have a pink undertone. She suggests choosing foundations that have olive, copper, yellow or bronze undertones. 

2. Bronzers and Blushes are your best friends!

Huffington Post says that warmer toned beauties need not shy away from bronzers and blushes. Yolanda Machado says that bronzers can highlight that gorgeous Latina skin, while blush can give a healthy glow. These vanity staples are also great for concealing any imperfections. Just make sure to choose the colors that would best complement your skintone.

3. Never overpluck your eyebrows.

Another big mistake that many women make is overzealously plucking their eyebrows to the point that they become nonexistent. When drawing brows, it is best to choose a shade that would complement one's hair color. Draw the brows into place using a light hand.

4. When setting makeup, use a powder foundation that matches your skintone.

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal tells Seventeen that using a translucent powder to set the makeup in place can tend to leave a white cast when taking photos. It can also make the entire face look cakey, as one's pores will be clogged. She suggests using a powder foundation in a color that complements one skintone to set the makeup in place using a powder brush or a powder puff.

5. Switch to powder.

Beauties who are prone to oily skin should invest in a powder foundation, and skip the liquid foundation during summer when the makeup tends to slide off one's face. Beauty blogger Mercedes Sanchez says that powder foundation can make oily skinned women looking fresh all day, per The Fashion Spot

Latina beauty is meant to be celebrated. Latina women have been lauded the world over for their beauty, wit and charm. It is always best to have fun with makeup and find out what works for you with these Latina makeup tips.

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