Updated 05:32 PM EDT, Tue, May 11, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S7, Gear VR to Spearhead 'Unpacked' Event this February [Details]

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Samsung has released a new teaser video for its "Galaxy Unpacked" event, which will happen on Feb. 21 in Barcelona, Spain. The short clip features the Gear VR and the promise of a new Galaxy device, which many are expecting to be the Galaxy S7 variants.

Android Central reported that the new Galaxy S7 series will consist of two or three devices. One will be a rectangular-slab model, while another will be slightly curvier. Furthermore, the curved version will reportedly have a larger sibling known as the Galaxy S7 Edge+.

The Korean tech giant has yet to confirm if in fact it will introduce the Galaxy S7 series on Feb. 21. However, Mashable pointed out that the rumored unveiling will perfectly coincide with the company's product cycle for the past two years. Samsung has been debuting the latest Galaxy handsets just before the Mobile World Congress. This year, the tech conference will be held from Feb. 22 to 25 in Barcelona.

Samsung's new teaser implied that the Galaxy S7 series will be compatible with the new Gear VR technology. Tech Crunch noted that the video's tagline is "Get ready to rethink what a phone can do."

Nonetheless, most of the advertising for the event, including the new teaser, seems to put much emphasis on the new Gear VR technology instead of the Galaxy S7 series. This hints that Samsung has something completely revolutionary up its sleeves that's far more intriguing that the latest Galaxy smartphones.

As per Sam Mobile, a virtual reality camera, called the Gear 360, will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S7 series. The device is shaped like a portable CD player, but with camera lenses around its circumference and a rod attached to its center to allow the device to rotate.

The device is said to have its own battery and built-in storage. Its highest resolution is 3840 x 1920 pixels in dual lens mode, and 1920 x 1920 pixels in single lens mode.

Camera features include ISO settings, HDR, exposure control and white balance. There's also a Liveview option that lets users conveniently swap between 360° dual-lens mode and 180° single-lens mode. Lastly, the Gear 360 can pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth or through its very own Connect app.

Phone Arena theorized that since the Galaxy S7 series will debut just few months after the release of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5, the newer handsets won't differ that much from its predecessors in terms of software features.The compatibility with Gear 360 could prove to be a major selling point for the Galaxy S7 smartphones, though that still remains to be seen.

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