Updated 10:27 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

'Vote to Play' is Back: Free PS4 Game Choices Include 'Action Henk!,' 'Assault Android Cactus' & 'Broforce'

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After a long hiatus, Sony's "Vote to Play" promo will be making a comeback next week. PlayStation Plus subscribers will have about three weeks to vote on what free PS4 game will be included in the service's March line-up of games.

To new members out there, you can vote by signing into your PS4 console with your PlayStation Network account. Once voting period begins, a "Vote to Play" option will appear just below the dedicated PlayStation Plus section on the upper left corner of the home screen, as per PlayStation Blog.

The PS4 games to choose from are "Action Henk!," "Assault Android Cactus" and "Broforce." PlayStation Plus subscribers can start casting their votes on Feb. 9 and only the most popular choice will be offered for free in March.

"Action Henk!"

Players will have a ton of fun trying to master the art of momentum and proper timing in this goofy racing game where characters run, jump and butt-slide through various toy room environments. Its titular hero, Action Henk, tries to outpace a slew of 1990s action figures to prove he is the fastest of them all.

"Action Henk!" was developed by RageSquid and was released in May 2015. Cameron Woolsey of GameSpot said the game only takes a couple of hours to complete, but its speed and heart-pumping action makes replaying some levels as equally satisfying as the first time around.

"Assault Android Cactus"

According to the game's official website, "Assault Android Cactus" is a twin stick shooter game with slightly revamped features. Instead of lives, Cactus, the game's protagonist, must rely on her battery pack to survive through a grueling 25-stage campaign that involves shifting floors, unstable walls and gargantuan robots.

Best of all, the game has a local multiplayer feature that can support four players. To further enhance the sci-fi co-op experience, a virtual couch called Shareplay, manages when and how long friends can join your game at any random time.


"Broforce" is a vibrantly lit side-scrolling platform game that looks like an updated version of "Contra." The game is both a parody and homage to 1980s action movies, where heroes use hulking armaments to eliminate bad guys, save good guys and then ride off into the sunset on macho choppers.

The game also has an online co-op feature that can manage four players. However, Luke Reilly of IGN pointed out that "Broforce" is best played alone so that players can dictate their own pace. Reilly called the game "testosterrific," and gave it a score of 8.8 out of 10.

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