Updated 06:54 PM EDT, Tue, May 11, 2021

More Indie Titles Coming to the PlayStation 4: Good or Bad? [Poll]

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A lot of indie titles have been introduced to the PlayStation 4 since it was launched, and this year gamers can see more of these type of games.

According to BidnessETC, indie games have boomed because a lot are offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

It noted that one of the best indie games released is Resogun, a 2013 shooting game by Finnish developer Housemarque. However, the game seemed to have lost its charm over the years.

This, according to BidnessETC, is the problem with indie games, since gamers are now looking forward to next-gen gaming.

Despite this fact, a lot of these games can still be looked forward to this coming year.

One is the "Crypt of the Necrodancer," which will be made available to PS4 and Vita users this coming February 2.

Forbes said this game has generated positive reviews on Steam because of its "hardcore roguelike rhythm game," which is a perfect fit for the PS4 console. Gamers have also praised its challenging game and permadeath feature.

Another hot topic in the indie gaming industry is "The Witness." Cinema Blend explained that the game is a much talked about topic, since gamers are reportedly afraid to play the game because of the motion sickness it causes.

This problem is connected to the visuals of the game, which includes bright colours and different textures, which make gamers want to puke.

However, Toronto Sun noted that the puzzle game also allows players to explore an island and solve hundreds of puzzles while going around a maze.

Another anticipated indie game for the PS4 is the "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime," which will come out on February 9.

According to Forbes, the game was a hit when it was released on the PC and Xbox One. When it comes to the PS4, gamers should expect "crazy neon space" experience with their friends or their families.

"Layers of Fear" is another expected release next month, since it presents a different type of gaming with its horror theme.

It is expected to be available on the PS4 on February 16. Gamers are excited to be creeped out by this dark game, especially when it was teased in a dark and equally creepy trailer.

These kinds of indie games and the ones released during the previous years are of great quality and players want more of them.

BidnessETC noted that game developers will hopefully listen to gamers' suggestions for better video games in the future.

Is adding more indie titles for the PS4 good or bad?

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