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Where to Go Camping in South America? Travel Tips, What to Bring & Everything You Need to Know

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For people who love the outdoors, South America offers various attractions where one can go camping with family or friends.

The Guardian said though the continent is not as famous as Europe and North America when it comes to camping, it still has attractions which people can enjoy the whole year round.

In Colombia, the Tatacoa Desert is a popular destination because travellers can sleep under the stars at night.

The same report advised people to witness the setting of the sun because rock formations in the desert turn pink.

Aside from this, the country also offers camping spots in coastal areas like Palomino or the Andes region, which is rich in coffee.

Ecuador, on the other hand, offers camping in high places. One of the most go-to places here is the Natural Reserve Pasochoa, a 500-hectare park where the Pasochoa volcano stands.

According to EcuaTravelling, travellers will be awed by the beautiful crater and the natural formations of the forest.

The place also has more than 100 species of birds, 200 species of plants and other mammals living in the area.

Brazil camping, as per The Guardian, is also an exciting adventure, with more than 30 camping sites in the country. Different rates for members and non-members are offered. 

Beach camping spots in the counter are usually crowded in January and February.

Others can also try the Pousada and Camping Santa Clara, Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul where they can see the Pantalan -- the largest wetland in the world.

The Guardian said it is also the best place to find wildlife animals like jaguars, caiman and capybara.

For those traveling to Mexico, BBC recommends the Rancho San Nicolas woods, which is a few minutes away from San Cristobal de las Casas town in Chiapas.

Mexican campgrounds are said to be more developed compared to other South American countries. It has short layovers for people wanting to spend a single night camping as well as long stops for travellers who want to climb mountains or swim in lakes.

As for camping essentials, Reserve America said campers should prepare more than their usual bedding, tents, clothes and food.

It noted that there is also a need to bring a first aid kit in case of accidents or emergencies. A pack of matches to start a fire for cooking or keeping people warm during a cold night is also advised. 

Tarpaulins can also serve as extra protection for your tent and occupies only a small space when traveling.

Aside from this, a jar of peanut butter can go a long way when camping, since it does not spoil easily.

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