Updated 02:40 AM EST, Sun, Nov 29, 2020

Trump Encourages Thousands of Latinos to Become Naturalized U.S. Citizens

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The words coming out of Donald Trump's mouth have always been viewed as a topic for debate. The business mogul has sparked controversy, even before his campaign period. However, his infamous speech on his anti-Latino rhetoric has prompted legal Hispanic residents to take action.

According to a report with Buzzfeed News, more legal Latino residents are taking steps in becoming naturalized U.S. citizens. Many of these legal residents are outraged over Trump's controversial statements, calling Latinos "rapists, drug dealers and criminals."

Earlier last year, the GOP presidential candidate said that Mexico is "sending people that have lots of problems" to America. Despite many of his detractors saying that his statements are nothing but racist, Trump inisisted that he has "nothing against Latinos."

In a report with The Business Insider, Trump also took shots against the Mexican government, saying that they were "forcing their worst people to the United States." He also said that the Mexican government was apparently taking advantage of the U.S. with "bad trade deals."

Many Hispanics who have made their way to the United States to settle down and establish their careers in the country say that coming to the United States "was a dream." Immigration acitivists hope to help naturalize thousands of these Latinos from across three key states -- Nevada, Florida and Colorado.

Several immigration rights groups are currently helping Latinos from across the country in the months-long process of naturalization. Unite Here, for example, has the goal of getting 2,500 Hispanics to be naturalized by the time of the elections, along with registering 10,000 new voters.

Mi Familia Vota is another advocacy group that hopes to help 300 people begin the naturalization process. Executive Director Ben Monterroso said that many of these Latinos said that they want to become U.S. citizens, specifically because they want to vote against Trump.

The website also reported that the Latino vote can prove to be a strong factor in determining who will win the elections, with 1.2 Latinos becoming naturalized citizens.

Many of these Hispanic residents say that they have worked hard to achieve the "American Dream," and they want to prove that their votes to count. 

Maria Mendoza, a Mexican woman who has worked for Trump Tower for five years, said that she was out to prove that Latinos are not "second-class citizens." She added that she has the same rights as every other citizen. She, like many Hispanics, is determined to prove that their voices and votes will matter. 

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