Updated 11:29 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 16, 2021

Detained Former El Salvador President Francisco Flores in Coma

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Former El Salvador President Francisco Flores is currently in a coma after suffering from a stroke in his house. where he is being detained for misappropriating Taiwan's donations for the 2001 earthquake victims.

On Monday, Flores' lawyer Edgar Morales Joya explained his current condition upon his arrival at a private hospital in San Salvador.

"He is in critical condition," the Tico Times quoted him saying, adding that the 56-year-old former leader of El Salvador was found unconscious at his home Sunday night.

After rushing him to the hospital, doctors explained to them that Flores had a stroke, which paralyzed the right side of his body.

According to BBC News, this is the third instance the former president was rushed to the hospital for the past 18 months due to serious health problems since he surrendered to authorities for embezzlement allegations.

Tico Times reported in December 2015 that Flores, who led the country from 1999 to 2004, is being accused of siphoning off donation money from Taiwan, which was supposed to aid victims of the earthquake that had hit the country in 2001.

According to The Guardian, $5 million allegedly went to his private bank account, while the remaining $10 reportedly went to his party's funds.

This led to Judge Miguel ángel García's long-awaited ruling in September 2014, stating that Flores will face charges of money laundering, embezzlement of public funds, among other illicit activities.

Tico Times further revealed that the accusations against him and other members of his National Republican Alliance party were first made public by then-El Salvador President Mauricio Funes.

After that, Flores turned himself in and had been kept under house arrest until today.

However, he remained stern in his statement that the accusations were not true, saying that the donation from Taiwan was to help efforts of rebuilding facilities and houses destroyed after two consecutive earthquakes hit the country.

He also said the money was to help in the Central American country's bout against criminal activity.

He further noted that Taiwan and El Salvador had "a privileged relationship," since the Asian country was requesting membership with the United Nations.

During his reign, Flores also maintained close ties with the United States, and even ordered the deployment of Salvadoran soldiers to Iraq to support U.S. forces, according to his detailed biography posted in The Famous People.

He also initiated a free trade agreement with the nation as well as dollarization of El Salvador's historical currency into U.S. dollars.

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