Updated 11:24 PM EDT, Sun, Jun 20, 2021

Mexican Actress Kate del Castillo Says Government Will 'Destroy' Her Following El Chapo Interview

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Actress Kate del Castillo may be at the center of news for money laundering, but, while money is a big deal, it is actually the connection with Hollywood star Sean Penn and her role in helping him score the interview with Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman that may be the reason why the Mexican government wants to "destroy her."

The actress said, "I have no reason to give explanations to the press. If I don't talk its because my lawyers told me not to because the government wants to destroy me."

According to Reuters, Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez previously said that there were "indications" that the actress was able to help out Penn because of her own connection with the drug lord: he may have been the one to finance her tequila business.

An official from the office of the attorney general did not comment on the remarks. However, it has been noted that as with every justice system, she will be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

Not all ended with the accusation, however, as Gomez had a few other details regarding the actress. He told Mexican Newspaper El Universal that del Castillo previously discussed going in to business with the drug lord. In 2014, a company named Tequila Honor LLC was registered in the US. The brand, Honor Del Castillo, was promoted by the actress on her website.

The Telegraph UK said that the US Treasury Department forbids American citizens and companies from making financial transactions with drug suspects. Del Castillo, who has a joint American-Mexican citizenship, will be charged with money laundering if such accusations are proven.

As for del Castillo, her father previously said that she will testify at the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles, and will present proof that "she is clean" from the accusations made against her.

The Mexican government also admitted that the actress, as well as Penn, were essential in the capture of the drug lord. Rolling Stone magazine published the interview just a day after El Chapo was apprehended.

As early as last week, Mexican publications addressed the issue between the actress and the government. Latin Times noted that some were already saying that the Governmental Institutions and Authorities are afraid that Del Castillo and Penn, as well as the drug king pin himself, could exposed the links between narcotraffic and the country's politicians.

Del Castillo's friend and journalist Lydia Cacho noted that the actress is currently fearing for her life, saying that "She is clearly very scared, she doesn't understand why the Mexican Government is attacking her this way," per TVyNovelas

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