Updated 06:36 AM EST, Fri, Nov 27, 2020

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Seizes Opportunities After Miss Universe Controversy

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Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez is determined to put the Miss Universe 2015 mix-up behind her, and look ahead for better opportunities.

Pure People mentioned that Gutierrez has expressed hope for a better future after going through that hurtful moment during the prestigious pageant, where she was wrongfully announced as the winner.

"I stopped to think about it and saw that it had to seize this moment. Leave behind what happened and follow new paths. My dream has always been that the whole world knew me. I always thought being an actor difficult, but if you see any opportunity I have to try," Miss Colombia said.

The 22-year-old Colombian beauty was previously offered $4 million to appear in a porn film.

According to TV and Famous, Gutierrez also thanked pageant host Steve Harvey for making the mistake, even though she was obviously hurt with the mix-up.

"Thank you [to it, Harvey]. It was because of this error we are talking of Colombia and me. Many doors opened opportunities that maybe I had not I win the 'Miss Universe'. So I just have to thank you," she was quoted by the same report a saying.

In an earlier show of Harvey, the comedian offered an emotional apology to Miss Colombia, which Gutierrez accepted, but not without giving him a lesson.

"You have to learn how to read cards because it was on the card. You wanted me to win," Gutierrez told Harvey, who looked relieved with the answer.

The host replied with a "Yes!," saying that he wanted to leave it at that.

But Miss Colombia was not yet finished with her answer. She explained that she was actually laughing when Harvey was correcting himself -- she thought that he was making a joke.

Harvey stressed that Gutierrez was really the one person he wanted to talk to after the mistake.

As per TV and Famous, The Colombian beauty queen was really heartbroken when the announcement was changed. She claimed that "a sudden goodbye" to the crown was very said.

But a month after the beauty contest, Gutierrez says she has to let go of what happened and work on achieving her dreams.

Pure People underscored that Miss Colombia idolizes her look-alike, actress Sofia Vergara, because of her acting abilities.

According to New York Daily News, the Colombian actress sent her support to Gutierrez via social media, saying that she was the winner of the contest anyway.

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