Updated 05:31 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Top 5 Food Trends in Latin America this Year

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This year, exciting new flavors in Latin America are expected to delight locals and tourists alike.

The new year promises a lot of great things to people in South America in terms of renewal, revival, recovery and growth, but its food items should never be left out of the picture.

Below are some of the top food trends in the region for 2016:

1. Ghost pepper (Bhut Jolokia)

According to The Star, this fiery chili pepper has captured the taste buds of many in the world because of its "sriracha effect."

It added that this food item has been a vital part of may cuisines, especially in India, the origin of the Bhut Jolokia. This ghost pepper was previously reported to originate in South America, where the region boasts some of the hottest chili peppers in the world.

Bhut-Pepper noted that the pepper was only introduced only 2000, but instantly gained fame because of its extreme heat level, almost double that of the world's hottest pepper, the Red Savina Habanero.

2. Cherimoya

In addition to the popularity of quinoa and other healthy food options in South America, another healthy food is also coming this year, Q Avenue said.

Tagged as the "South American bomb," this fruit is considered to be the healthiest fruit in the world, as per Healthy Food House.

It traces its origin to ancient Inca, where the fruit was only made available for its leaders.

Now, the fruit is famous in the Andes Valley, more than a thousand meters from Peru and Colombia. It is also being grown in other countries like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Spain, and California.

3. Chimichurri

The Malay Mail Online said that this sauce, along with peri peri and harissa, will be a famous addition to Latin American restaurants this year.

This sauce, as per Laylita, is made using oregano, parsley, garlic onion, red pepper, oil and vinegar.

It is usually served with grilled food like steak, chicken, and fish, according to South American Food.

4. Rubus Glaucus (Andean raspberry)

This fruit is another must-try in Latin America because of its health benefits.

Research Gate explained that the berry is a great source of Vitamin C and protects people from cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

5. Pulses

It was added in The Star report that pulses or dried seeds will once again be dominant in the food industry.

It noted that pigeon peas, cranberry beans and black beluga lentils will also garner a lot of attention this year.

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