Updated 07:03 PM EST, Sat, Dec 05, 2020

13 People Dead, 19 More Missing in Capsized Tourist Boat in Nicaragua

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At least 13 people were reported dead when a Nicaraguan tour boat sank off the coast of the Central American country on Saturday, authorities said.

The tour boat, called the "Reina del Caribe" or the "Caribbean Queen," was carrying two Americans, two British, three Nicaraguans, 25 Costa Ricans and a Brazilian when it capsized under bad weather conditions, some 43 miles off south-eastern coast of Nicaragua.

According to the El 19 Digital news outlet as cited by CNN, the boat was travelling between Nicaragua's Little Corn and Big Corn Islands, a famous tourist destination, when the incident occurred.

According to ABC News, the 13 people found dead were all Costa Ricans, most of whom were women.

The outlet further revealed that the tour boat's captain will undergo investigations. He is currently being detained for ignoring weather warnings, thereby putting the lives of his passengers at risk.

"There was a warning that the weather conditions would be bad, but it appears that was ignored and this tragedy happened," Nicaraguan navy commander for the southern part of the Caribbean Mario Berrios explained.

Apparently, the launching of sea vessels was suspended prior to the incident. This was due to strong winds that reached about 25 to 30 knots or 29 to 35 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, Nicaraguan government spokesperson Rosario Murillo expressed President Daniel Ortega's thoughts on the incident.

"This is a great tragedy, truly painful, because they were our Costa Rican, Central American brothers and sisters who were vacationing in the waters of the Nicaraguan Caribbean," she said in a statement cited by ABC News.

Because of this, Ortega ordered a probe of the boat's captain, Hilario Blandon, and his assistant Hellon Absalon Pratt Carter, to determine if they have liabilities for what happened.

"Everyone is honestly moved and consternated by what has happened, but we also must make sure this doesn't happen again. Those to blame for this tragedy must be processed ... all the established penalties must be applied to those responsible," Murillo told ABC News.

The owner and captain of "Reina del Caribe" remains at a Nicaragua detention facility, the outlet added.

Furthermore, rescuers continue efforts to retrieve the missing passengers after successfully rescuing two Americans, 12 Costa Ricans and three Nicaraguans as well as two newlywed British tourists, The Guardian reported.

However, they are still trying to get hold of the remains of four dead Costa Ricans.

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