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5 Unusual Latin American Foods Travelers Should Try

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Latin America is a popular tourist destination for its sights, culture, people and of course, food. But, there is more to Latin Amercian food culture than what meets the eye.

Food is known to define a people's culture. Latin American food has gained a lot popularity everywhere in the world. While people are familiar with quesadillas, tamales and arepas, to get the most out of Latin American food culture, it is advised to go beyond one's comfort zone and try something new.

Bill Bryson said that the greatest luxury of being able to travel is to be able to experience everyday things for the first time. When traveling to Latin America, get the most out of the experience by going off the beaten track and trying some unusual Latin American foods. It will make the entire trip even more memorable.

1. Buchada.

This Brazilian delicacy is somewhat similar to Scotland's Haggis. This Brazilian dish is made out of the guts of goats, and is certainly not for the weak of heart or stomach. Buchada is basically "stuffed goat stomach," where the goat's stomach is opened and stuffed with its innards, reports The Culture Trip. The dish is then sown up in a pouch and then cooked. This unusual dish has been known to give a burst of flavor and textures when eaten. For fans of Haggis, this is a must try.

2. Escamoles.

Mexican food is enjoyed and loved all around the world. This nutty looking delicacy is often paired with tacos. What is unusual about this dish is that they are made from ant larvae. These are harvested from the blue agave plant. Despite being unusual, escamoles are relatively harmless.

3. Morcilla.

Morcilla is the blood sausage, popular in Argentina. The pig's blood is cooked with a variety of fillers such as onions, and flavored with paprika and garlic. Many who have tried blood sausage love its creamy texture and flavorful taste.

4. Cuy Chactao.

Cuy Chactao, or "fried guinea pig" is a controversial dish in Peru. Miami New Times reports that there are some who are hesitant to eat the dish, since guinea pigs are viewed as pets. However, history shows that Peruvians have been eating guinea pigs since 500 years before Christ.

5. Guana.

This is a South American dish that is very unusual because it is from the meat of an iguana, from the jungles of Trinidad. These iguanas are either curried, stewed or roasted.

When traveling around the world, one can certainly learn a lot about a people's culture by their food. Experience is a great teacher and it is something that will wholly be remembered. The next time one intends to travel to Latin America, take it one step farther and try these unusual Latin American foods.

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