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'Legends of Tomorrow' Premiere: What's Different about the New Superhero Series?

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It has a time traveler from the future, a spaceship, and a few monsters that the earth needs saving from. For all of it's similarities to the science fiction series, "Legends of Tomorrow," is a lot like its original shows, "Arrow" and "The Flash," according to Forbes

For instance, the main characters were introduced at some point or the other in either one of the parent shows. Oliver Queen and Barry Allen as well as their corresponding teams are set to make appearances at some point.

However, it is also going to be very different. For instance, Darvill is no longer The Doctor's companion, but a time traveler in his own right.

What makes "Legends" different than "The Flash" and "Arrow" however, is the fact that it embraces magic and time travel the way that the original shows never have. For example, there was a scientific explanation as to how The Flash went back in time, while magic was talked about in hushed tones with the Arrow Team.

The AV Club noted that during the Television Critics Association press tour, CW president Mark Pedowitz described "Legends" as a cross between "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Doctor Who," which is pretty much as close as it can get.

Getting together a band of amateur heroes is also fun, and considering that the members of "Legends" are not bigwig superheroes from the DC universe, it's good that they're not quite the Justice League. Also, there are villains in the group, but Captain Cold and Heatwave aren't exactly on the same level of crazy as Suicide Squad, either.

There also happens to be a nice comic relief for "Legends," which makes it more similar to "The Flash" than to the grittier adventures in "Arrow."

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told HNGN about the project, "All the characters are part of the comic books, but never been a team before. They've been scattered throughout the comics in different ways, and what's interesting about the show is we've taken these disparate individual characters, who have never ever been part of a team, and turned them into a team."

He went on, "So there isn't a specific comic book called 'Legends of Tomorrow' -- the title came from us."

Of course, there is still plenty to explore in the show, as only the first part of its pilot episode has aired. What do you think of the time-travel/superhero/sci-fi element of "Legends of Tomorrow" so far? Are you going to be tuning in for the rest of the season?

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