Updated 11:18 PM EDT, Sun, Jun 20, 2021

Latinos Are Among Happiest People in the World, Study Reveals: Find Out Their Secret

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Several countries in Latin America were included in the top 10 happiest nations in the world.

The survey, conducted by WIN/Gallup International, revealed that among the top 10 happiest countries were Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and Panama.

News.Mic explained that the annual survey included more than 66,000 people from 68 countries, who were then ranked based on their "net happiness."

The respondents were asked about their views and perceptions of happiness, and were asked the following questions:

1. "As far as you are concerned, do you think that 2016 will be better, worse or the same than 2015?"

2. "In general, do you personally feel very happy, happy, neither happy nor unhappy, unhappy or very unhappy about your life?"

3. "Compared to this year, in your opinion, will next year be a year of economic prosperity, economic difficulty or remain the same for your country?"

Results disclosed that Colombia is the happiest among all surveyed nations, with 85 percent of its people saying they are happy.

Fiji and Saudi Arabia followed closely, since they both had 82 percent happiness index.

According to TelesurTV, four other Latin American countries also made the cut for the happiest countries. This included Argentina and Panama at 79 percent, Mexico at 76 percent and Ecuador with 75 percent.

It added that the overall results for all the surveyed countries revealed that 66 percent of the people claimed they were happy. The figures are reportedly a few points lower than last year's 70 percent.

Aside from being one of the happiest countries in the survey, Argentina was also on the top list of the most hopeful countries. More than half of the respondents in the country expressed optimism in the future of Argentina.

Explaining the reason for the happiness of people in Latin America, Huffington Post said Latinos have a different set of priorities compared to those living in North America.

It noted that Latin Americans consider time with friends and family more important their time for work.

"They work to live rather than living to work," added Huffington Post.

Many residents of Latin American countries also "live for today," and prioritize their happiness above goals and dreams.

Gallup officials shared the same observation. In a Live Science report, the one great lesson from Latin America is that the region does not have the wealthiest people in the world, but yet they are the happiest.

Huffington Post said Latinos enjoy "living, loving and laughing" with their families, even if they have little money.

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