Updated 04:15 AM EST, Thu, Nov 26, 2020

Countries in Latin America Offering the Best Healthcare in the World

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Healthcare has become one of the top priorities for individuals in various parts of the world, but what country provides the best healthcare at an affordable cost?

International Living ranked the top countries in terms of healthcare, and noted that some of them are in Latin America.


It was added in the International Living report that the country provides quality healthcare at an affordable cost.

Cities like Medellin, Manizales, Bucaramanga and Bogota have high-tech clinics in each neighborhood in addition to the several modern hospitals they have.

According to Health Affairs the country has insured more than 80 percent of its population for them to have access to the health services in the country.

It added that the improvement in the services has greatly helped the poor living in rural areas, and those who are self-employed.

International Living noted that Colombia's healthcare system was at No. 22 out of 191 countries in the global assessment index of the World Health Organization.

This was greatly attributed to the low costs for healthcare and coverage plans in the country. The same report said that a root canal costs only $300 in Colombia, a lot cheaper than the $1,000 tag in the United States.


In this country, International Living said that top healthcare providers are affordable for all.

Residents are also able to visit their doctors and hospitals without prior appointment. Consultations are pegged at $10 and $25 for a specialist's fee.

It was also highlighted that diagnostic tests in the country are easy to do, and results can be retrieved after a few hours.

AngloInfo explained that Panama healthcare is a combination of compulsory health insurance and private healthcare. It noted that all residents are assured of a "certain level of insurance." Despite this entitlement, many still prefer private medical practice.

According to Just Landed, the public health system of the country does have problems with accessibility, especially in rural areas.

The same report said that most private hospitals in the country are in Panama City, while medical care for residents is limited in other areas.

Just Landed said there are also differences in the facilities, accommodation, and level of attention provided by these hospitals.

It claimed that private hospitals are equipped with modern facilities, and are usually affiliated with big hospitals and medical universities in the United States.

But the great gap is also separated by a big price difference. Just Landed said private healthcare is a bit expensive compared to European countries.

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