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Introducing Bandai Namco's New 'Dragon Ball' RPG Game 'Fusion' for the Nintendo 3DS [Gameplay, Story & More]

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Bandai Namco expands their "Dragon Ball" franchise to Nintendo 3DS, called "Project Fusion." It promises an interesting twist between the anime's popular protagonist Goku and the legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

On Monday, Gematsu reported that the arcade and mobile video game developer is planning on bringing their "Project Fusion" to Nintendo's portable game console, citing the March issue of Shueisha's V Jump.

According to the magazine, the new role-playing game is being billed as "Dragon Ball's first fusion RPG on 3DS." They even teased that the new game 'promises entirely new enjoyment,' and will present 'unlimited possibilities.'

While details and an estimated price have yet to be announced, leakers have already revealed the most exciting thing about the game: a 'fusion' between Goku and Broly.

In fact, V-Jump presented the report about it, with an image of the two in the final pose of the popular 'fusion' technique. It has the caption: "The emergency plan starts now. You will create your own Fusion Warrior!"

For those who are not well-versed with the franchise's jargon, a 'fusion' means that the physical bodies of two people would be magically fused together.

This also means that their power would be combined, while their consciousness would remain separate.

However, Techno Buffalo believes that the game will most likely not be the standard "Dragon Ball Z" character combinations.

"It claims that the fusions will go beyond what you thought possible from the series, probably meaning we'll be seeing weird character combinations. Piccolo and Krillin, Bulma and Mr. Popo, Buu and Mr. Satan," the outlet pondered.

While it may sound interesting, the outlet believes that this does not merit any commendation, since the entire concept of "Fusion" in the franchise was penned by "Dragon Ball Z" writer Akira Toriyama when he was already "out of ideas."

Furthermore, Techno Buffalo believes that tossing in fusion in the "Dragon Ball Z" mix is just a quick gimmick for his characters to come out as stronger, and "drag" the franchise for two more manga issues.

"Without it, we might have never seen the popular yet insufferable character Gotenks, but would that really have been so awful?" the outlet added.

The Dragon Ball Fusion RPG is expected to be released in Japan this year, though it is still unclear when exactly.

Meanwhile, Anime News Network revealed that a manga adaptation will soon be released. This is thanks to Shueisha's Saikyō Jump, who is conducting a contest that allows readers to submit illustrations of the two Dragon Ball characters of their choice, after they perform the 'fusion' technique.

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