Updated 09:38 PM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

El Chapo Associate and Actress Kate del Castillo to be Investigated for Alleged Money Laundering

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Kate del Castillo, a soap opera star who brokered the meeting of Hollywood actor Sean Penn and notorious drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, is now under investigation for possible money laundering charges, according to CNN.

In an interview published in El Universal, a leading Mexican newspaper on Tuesday, the nation's attorney general, Arely Gómez, stated that the actress has not been charged with any crime yet. She is, however, requested to present herself to investigators.

The investigation would revolve around two things; the actress' personal links to the captured drug lord and the possibility of El Chapo's money being used to fund del Castillo's tequila brand, Honor del Castillo, which is set to be launched early this year in the United States.

"We have an investigation in the tequila case," Gomez said.

The Daily Mail further stated that the attorney general has requested that the actress provide information on a number of factors regarding her meeting with El Chapo, especially regarding the funds that were involved in the meeting.

"We have to make sure who provided the airplane, who paid for it, all of the logistics of the trip," the attorney general said.

The widespread coverage of the drug kingpin's capture, as well a the possible involvement of one of Mexico's most recognizable television personalities, has made taken the spotlight off a number of equally pressing news in the region, including the ongoing proceedings against a cartel boss and the arrest of former PRI governor Humberto Moreira on suspicion of embezzlement, money laundering and bribery last week, according to The Guardian.

Security analyst Jorge Kawas believes that the case of El Chapo and del Castillo's possible involvement has taken the public's eye away from other issues.

"Since El Chapo's arrest, most of the story has evolved into one big telenovela. Few have asked the tough questions: who in politics is behind Mexican drug trafficking and other criminal organizations?" Kawas said.

Columnist Mario Campos agrees with the analyst's statement, even stating that the entire issue has turned into a huge drama.

"If Kate del Castillo committed a crime, she should be punished. But enough of this show to turn a TV villain into a real-life public enemy," he said.

Kate del Castillo achieved fame during her time as the star of a Mexican TV series, La Reina del Sur (Queen of the South), where she played a female cartel boss.

El Chapo has managed to become the country's most wanted man after making himself the head of a multi-billion dollar drug empire in the Sinaloa region, west of Mexico.

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