Updated 07:34 AM EST, Mon, Jan 25, 2021

Walter Presents to Add 100 Hours Worth of Latin America Drama Including Titles from HBO

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Channel 4's foreign drama streaming service "Walter Presents" will treat its audience to an additional 100 hours of Latin American drama.

According to Broadcast, this will include recently acquired titles from Globo, SpaceWoW and HBO Latin America.

It claimed that the six new titles are hoping to follow the success of Deutschland 83, a German television series about the cold war, which premiered this month.

This time, Broadcast noted that the new shows for Walter Presents are from Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Among these are four HBO Latin America titles, namely "Prófugos," "Fdp," "Magnifica 70" and "Sr Avila."

IMDB said "Prófugos" is a show about four men who became runaways when a drug deal they entered did not push through. The fugitives transferred from one part of Chile to the other.

On the other hand, "Fdp" is a comedy series about a football referee who aspires to be part of the World Cup, noted Broadcast.

As per "Magnifica 70," a separate IMDB page revealed that the show tells the story of a São Paulo government censorship department who fell in love with an actress of a film he was tasked to censor.

"Sr Avila," for its part, discusses the struggles of a hit man with a double life.

Aside from the HBO titles, Broadcast noted that the foreign streaming service will also tap Globo's "Merciless," a crime thriller from Brazil.

For SpaceWow, Walter Presents acquired another crime thriller entitled "Pure Evil."

A similar Independent report said that Walter Present curator Walter Iuzzolino was pushed to launch this platform for foreign TV series since the rise of the great shows abroad two years prior to its launching.

He claimed that he was able to watch 3,500 hours of these shows from other countries, and was even afraid that someone else might consider his idea before he could act on it.

The curator mentioned in a separate Independent writeup that South America was the biggest discovery for them since "we thought [all the shows were] going to be too soap opera in tone, like the telenovelas. But there's some brilliant stuff."

Iuzzolino made special mention of Brazilian comedy "Fdp," which he claimed really made him laugh and had great dramatic backdrop.

When he talked about "Profugos," he described the show as an award-winning series, which combined "Breaking Bad" and "Prison Break."

Another great combination, he said, was "Magnifica 70," which mixed "Mad Men" with "Boogie Nights."

"[It pits] sexual liberation against political repression -- it's really clever," Iuzzolino told Independent.

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