Updated 12:01 AM EDT, Mon, Jun 21, 2021

PRI Deputy Erika Rodriguez Hernandez Demands Release of Detained Party Members

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Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) deputy Erika Rodriguez Hernandez confronted local police on Sunday as she asked for the release of detained party members.

Quadratin reported that the federal deputy had to be stopped by the authorities when she rushed to the Directorate of Public Security in an effort to stop the arrest of her colleagues.

She claimed the police officers violated her rights when they tried to stop her.

"It's an extreme violence that I experienced, I who have been working for the rights of women, today I am very worried because I I'm federal deputy I did so many women of this state will live violence," Hernandez added.

The former leader of the Hidalgo Institute for Women also noted that violence against women should have no place in her country.

It was added in the Quadratin report that the PRI deputy was seen trying to rescue one of her party members.

In addition, Vanguardia said that the authorities tried to ignore the legislator when she intervened with the arrest, but noted that Hernandez still did not stop prompting one of the agents to stop her.

Angel Guardian noted in an update that the PRI deputy has already filed an official complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office against the agents of the Tecoman Public Security.

She said the men who stopped her did not respect democracy, and her right as a representative.

Hernandez also lamented the detention of her party members, noting that they were handcuffed and beaten by the agents.

A similar Entorno Inteligente report mentioned that the lawmaker rushed to the Public Secuty office when she found out that they arrested her general representative.

She claimed that she did not do anything wrong, since she only wanted to be informed with what was happening.

Informador added that as a federal deputy, she also has a "constitutional jurisdiction" on the incident, noting that the agents cannot ask her to simply stop or prevent her from acting based from what she believes is right.

The incident happened amidst election issues in the sovereign state of Colima, where false election ballots were reportedly found.

It was added in the Informador report that Colima remains to be in "high alert" after two boxes were reportedly stolen in Tecoman and Manzanillo,  although local board leader Luis Zamora Cobian claimed that Sunday was still a "calm" day in the state.

Cobian also explained that the PRI representative was arrested on Sunday for assault allegations involving an assistant trainer.

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