Updated 04:54 AM EST, Thu, Nov 26, 2020

Sofia Vergara's Fitness Routine Revealed by Trainer Anna Kaiser

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Sofia Vergara and Shakira are two Latina beauties with the bodies to match, and their trainer, Anna Kaiser, decided to share a single piece of advice for everyone else who aspires to have their bodies: be consistent.

The celebrity trainer runs a unique gym that specializes in community-based classes, and in addition to Sofia and Shakira, she has also trained other Hollywood celebs including Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Clearly, she knows what she's talking about, and she wants you to be consistent. She said not to limit the workout to a single session at the gym, but instead, do exercises throughout the day. For instance, those who want to strengthen their core could stand taller and hold the navel in to the spine. Sitting at the desk can be an opportunity to use abdominals.

Abs, on the other hand, have more to do with the kitchen than with core strengthening exercises. To get a good pair of them, cutting out refined sugar and excess alcohol is the way to go. More appropriate foods to consume include natural grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Latina Magazine shared, "If you stick with your 20 minutes a day, and you try your best to cut down on the things that aren't doing you any good -- the sugars, the cakes, the cookies, all of that - you'll really see results. It's just about being consistent with it."

Sofia and Shakira's workout, however, involves a lot of dancing and toning exercises, so they do a bit of tread workout and dance workout. And it seems to be paying off.

Sofia married "Magic Mike XXL " actor Joe Manganiello in November, and she looked amazing -- so much so, that a month later, she was back shooting for her various projects.

Of course, she's consistent, as her trainer said, about going to the gym, but what about the rest of the less-motivated group?

It's no excuse. As Huffington Post shared, it is possible to have an ab workout compatible to binge-watching shows on Netflix:

Flutter Kicks require you to lie down on a nice pillow, hands under your butt or stomach, and with your feet together, straighten your legs and raise them six inches off the ground. Then flutter them as if you're swimming for about 20-30 reps, repeated 3-4 times per workout session.

Scissor Kicks are similar to flutter kicks with you lying on your back, moving your feet form side to side in an alternating fashion. As with flutter kicks, get about 20-30 reps in, and repeat 3-4 times.

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