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'El Chapo' & Kate Del Castillo Piñatas Now Available in Mexico

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Piñatas of Mexican kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and actress Kate del Castillo are now being sold in Mexico, and have even become a popular thing for many.

Azteca Noticias said that the decorated piñatas of the two are being sold at the Piñateria Ramirez, which is located in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Photos of the creations of the locals showed that "El Chapo" was wearing the same dirty shirt he wore when he was recaptured last January 8.

According to the New York Post, these piñatas will surely attract children who are excited to whack at the figures filled with candies.

Creator Dalton Avalos Ramirez, however, claimed that some of their buyers purchase the piñatas to have them as souvenirs

The seller also said that the "El Chapo's" piñatas, which are sold for $28 to $56, are planned to be taken to the United States.

Aside from the drug kingpin, Del Castillo also has a figure created after herself. The Mexican actress is said to be the person who arranged El Chapo's meeting with actor Sean Penn last September.

The New York Post noted that the Del Castillo's piñata was dressed like her "La Reina del Sur" character.

Mexicans are also expecting that Penn will have his own piñata, though the store has not yet offered one.

A Reuters report published by Channel News Asia explained that the drug lord and Del Castillo were exchanging "flirtatious" text messages that reportedly led to his capture.

Six months after escaping prison for a second time using a tunnel, the 57-year-old El Chapo was arrested by authorities in Los Mochis City.

Information from Mexican authorities revealed that the meeting between Guzman and Penn, which was set up by the actress, aided them in tracing El Chapo's whereabouts.

A high-ranking official in the Mexican government said in the Channel News Asia report that the drug lord transferred to Los Mochis, hoping to have another meeting with Del Castillo

"I'll look after you more than my own eyes," read one of Guzman's text to the actress.

The government official also noted that the drug kingpin "had a kind of obsession" with Del Castillo.

The same report claimed that the communication between the two continued even after the Penn meeting.

"I haven't slept much since I saw you. I'm so excited about our story," the actress in a message last Oct. 10.

In response, Guzman wrote "I'm more excited about you than the story," a statement which Del Castillo said made her "blush."

Guzman's connection to the actress reportedly started four years ago when she expressed in an open letter that she believed in him more than she did in the government.

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