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Star Wars Episode 8: Who do you Think Should Play the Young Han Solo? [Poll]

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Now that "The Force Awakens" is finally behind us (no, not really), the time has come for everyone to speculate about what will happen next.

To start off, fans can begin deliberating on the actor to play the young Han Solo. Sure, Han died tragically in the last movie, but would it really matter for the spinoff? Granted, it won't be Harrison Ford, but won't a younger, hotter version of Solo be just as grand?

Of course, "The Rogue One," which is set between Episodes III and IV, will probably only give a young Han Solo a cameo, but it doesn't mean the news is any less relevant. The Independent UK reported that there is already a rumored shortlist for the role, with names of established actors, including Ansel Elgort, Dave Franco, and Miles Teller. Others on the list are Logan Lerman, Blake Jenner, and Scott Eastwood.

Variety noted that the studio seems to be zeroing in on actors between the ages of 20-25, although they have screen tested over 2,500 interested participants ranging from ages 17 to 34. Disney and Lucasfilms are also expected to make their decision within the next two weeks, despite the fact that shooting is not set to begin until January 2017.

While actors like Elgort, Franco, and Teller have good movies behind them, Time thinks that the producers should cast a newbie actor to play the younger version of the iconic character. The outlet said that casting someone with baggage can be risky, and is something that both studios should not risk. Even The Toronto Sun said that seeing an established actor on-screen as the young Han would probably only lead the audience to see the actor, not the character, and it would be a jarring experience to the newly initiated in the Star Wars universe.

After all, it worked well for "The Force Awakens" to have cast new actors and actresses, like Daisy Ridley and John Boyega as the new lead roles in the franchise. Casting a "nobody" would mean that there is no stereotypical role the actor is pegged on, and with a new generation now looking forward to the franchise, a new spin on Han Solo would be the way to go. Also, as Time put it, "a blank slate would be easiest to mold," at least when it comes to this already iconic character.

Would you prefer an established actor, or a "new" discovery in Hollywood to portray a younger version of Harrison Ford's Han Solo?

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