Updated 12:23 AM EDT, Mon, Jun 21, 2021

Live Footage of 'El Chapo' Guzman's Recapture Caught on GoPro Cameras [Watch]

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Live footage from Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's capture last Friday has been released.

Mexico's news outlet Televisa aired the 15-minute footage on Monday, Fusion wrote. The video was allegedly shot from GoPro cameras worn by Mexican marines involved in the so-called "Black Swan" operation on a house in the city of Los Mochis.

Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez said that the Sinaloa Cartel leader dodged the Marines by escaping with the help of an assistant through an escape tunnel that led to the city's sewage system, before ultimately being captured at a highway by the Mexican Federal Police. They were then taken to a motel nearby to wait for additional reinforcement. Afterwards, they headed to Los Mochis airport and were transferred to Mexico City, according to a report from ABC News.

Watch the video of Guzmán's capture below.

The Mexican Navy reportedly handed the clip to Mexican journalist Carlos Loret De Mola, the news outlet noted. In the video, a commanding officer can be heard urging other marines to move forward and to search the house. At one point, a Marine was injured during an initial shootout as they storm the house. When they stopped firing, the drug lord has already left the building.

Seventeen elite Mexican Marines were involved in the raid, ABC News reported. Mexican show "Primero Noticias" said that the Marines were met by around one dozen well-armed guards inside who were ready for a fight. The officials moved from room to room, clearing the house, and found two men in one room upstairs and two women on the floor of a bathroom. All of them were captured.

The Marines controlled the whole house after 15 minutes, ABC News reported from "Primero Noticias." Five guards, however, were killed and two men and two women were detained. One of the women was the same cook Guzmán had with him when he was arrested years ago.

The house where Guzmán had been captured was monitored for a month, the news outlet added. "Primero Noticias" said that it acquired surveillance footage showing Guzmán and his accomplice emerging from the manhole cover, and then stealing two cars to flee the scene.

On Sunday, Mexican officials have formally launched the process to extradite Guzmán to the United States, a lengthy process which could be plagued with legal appeals and maneuvering, Chicago Tribune reported. Guzmán's defense now has three days to present arguments against extradition and 20 days to provide supporting evidence. These are beyond many of other appeals the defense have already begun filing.

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