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Apple iPhone 7 Promises Better Pictures with Optical Zoom & Dual- Camera Setup? [Details]

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The Apple iPhone 7 is one of the most highly anticipated phones of 2016. There have been many rumors surrounding Apple's next-generation flagship before the tech giant has even made any official announcements. The latest iPhone 7 rumor is that the iPhone 7 will promise better pictures, thanks to some major improvements in the phone's camera.

A report with Tech Times noted that Apple plans to stay one step ahead of the game with its innovative camera features. While the rest of the competition plans to release dual-camera features on their upcoming flagships this year, the Apple website said that the Cupertino-based tech giant filed a patent application in the United States, which might shed some light on the upcoming iPhone 7 specs and functionality of the iPhone 7 camera.

According to the website, Apple patented on what appears to be an optical zoom for its next roster of Apple devices. Tech Times says in order to make this idea a reality, the tech giant will implement a dual camera setup on the iPhone, with each set having different focal lengths.

The tech giant's patent promises that the iPhone 7's new camera features will offer users better pictures. With the new camera features, users can now record videos at different speeds, simultaneously. This would mean that users can now merge a video shot in slow-motion with one shot in normal speed.

With the dual-camera set-up, users might be able to record videos and take photos at the same time. This would take sharing photos and videos up a notch. Apple has said that it has long wanted its camera phones to be on par with DSLRs. While the current offerings, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, do offer superb camera quality, they are nowhere near as on par with that to the qualty of DSLRs. 

According to ET News, Apple and Samsung are among the tech giants who have placed orders for components that are found exclusively in dual-cameras. The good news is that fans of the high-resolution time-lapses may now expect the upcoming flagships to boast of more RAM memory, too. This means that the images taken using the dual camera set up can be processed in just a simple click.

Samsung also hopes to implement this feature on their upcoming devices, but they might well be beaten to the punch by Apple's iPhone 7. Only time will tell if Apple is successful in testing the waters here.

The iPhone 7 is said to be launched in September 2016, although Apple has made no official announcements as of yet. So, take all rumors with a grain of salt.

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