Updated 04:10 PM EST, Mon, Nov 23, 2020

Vida Guerra Says Leaked Photos Were Stolen to Make Her Look Like a Stripper

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Seeing your face in a magazine, on the cover, and better yet, on the billboard of a city is every aspiring model's dream. After all, that's how you'd know you made it.

However, in this day and age, thanks to the internet, it's easy to find your face practically everywhere, which has a bad side to it: anyone can find photos of you -- flattering or not -- and manipulate them to ruin your career.

Unfortunately for eight models that included Vida Guerra and Sara Underwood, the bad side of modeling came upon them as they found their faces posted on a strip club to lure customers. Other models who fell victim to these fake promotional photos, according to 411 Mania, include Jessica Killings, Mariana Davalos, Rosie Jones, Jessica Burciaga, Mariana Davalos and Jaime Edmonson. 

Contact Music said that the models filed a lawsuit against Sugardaddy's Gentlemen's Club in Manhattan for stealing their photographs and using them on the club's website and social media accounts without permission. They said that the bosses altered the photos to make is appear as though they were strippers at the club, even though they neither worked there nor gave the club their permission to use such photos.

This is not the first time that the Cuban-American Guerra has had a scandal in her name. According to Fox, her camera phone was allegedly hacked in 2005 and dozens of photos, including nude ones, were spread across the internet.

At the time, the former Playboy model said that the photos were that of another woman, but her record label said she herself was the one who leaked them deliberately as a publicity stunt. Eventually, she did do a nude photo shoot for Playboy, and later on, posed nude again for a campaign for PETA to support vegetarianism.

On the other side of the country, Miami.com reported that a similar lawsuit was filed in December when "The Real Housewives of Miami" star Joanna Krupa and a few other stars sued Club Velvet, the largest swingers club in Miami, for using their photos without their permission. The lead counsel Chris Oprison said, "It makes it appear that these models who are well known in the business are endorsing or taking part in the activity at Club Velvet."

"There is no way in the world that my clients would agree to have their photos used by Club Velvet."

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