Updated 04:58 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Samsung Pay to Reach Australia, Singapore & Brazil

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Samsung Pay is now going to be available in more countries within the year, a new report said. These countries will include Australia, Singapore and Brazil. The South Korean giant hopes to have a leg-up over its direct and equally aggressive rival, Apple Pay.

According to a report with Tech Times, the popular mobile payment system will soon be made available across all continents. The announcement came during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Jan. 5. These three countries will be joining the likes of U.K., Spain and China that will soon accept the South Korean tech giant's mobile payment system.

It is not known, for now, as to when Samsung Pay will work on the newly added countries, although China will most likely have Samsung Pay by the first quarter of the year. Samsung hopes to slowly but surely go live in the additional countries by this year, in order to meet its goal of getting a leg up on the competition. After expanding in those countries, Samsung hopes to reach out to all parts of the globe. 

The South Korean tech giant spent a good amount of their time discussing its mobile payments solution, emphasizing its convenience and safety.

Samsung Pay was first launched in the United States last year. The mobile payment system made use of Magnetic Secure Transmissions (MST) technology  instead of the widely used NFC. While this came as a surprise for many consumers who are used to the NFC, the South Korean tech giant further explained during the conference that Samsung Pay works in five times more places compared to that of the NFC-only terminals.

With that being said, Talk Android says that this move to use MST would really put Samsung at the advantage further down the line, allowing them to penetrate into developing economies who would most likely have the older technology.

Using Samsung Pay is very straightforward. In order to use it, Samsung users will simply have to swipe on the application and secure it using their fingerprint. They will then hover over the terminal in order to complete the transaction.

Samsung Pay, much like Apple Pay, is only limited to a select few Samsung models. The mobile payment system works with most carriers and select cards and banks. Most notably, the Samsung devices that support Samsung Pay are the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Active, Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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