Updated 05:53 AM EST, Fri, Nov 27, 2020

New Ted Cruz Campaign Ad Portrays Immigrants as Businessmen Stealing Americans' Jobs [Watch Video]

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Ted Cruz's new 60-second campaign ad titled "Invasion" portrays immigrants as business people stealing job opportunities from Americans.

Through the ad, the Republican presidential candidate once again reiterated his stance on the immigration issue. During the fourth GOP debate, Cruz expressed his concern about the overall impact of undocumented immigration on American jobs, the Texas Tribune wrote.

In the clip, a rush of people dressed in suits and appearing to be working in corporate offices was shown hastily crossing the U.S. border. According to Cruz, this portrayal highlights the "economic calamity" the United States would endure if immigration story and policies are not right.

"And I would say the politics would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the Rio Grande, or if a bunch of people with journalism degrees would be coming over and driving down the wages in the press, then we would see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation," he said in the video.

Watch the "Invasion" ad below.

Cruz's campaign said that the ad began airing across the Granite State on Tuesday, the Texas Tribune reported. Aside from the business people, his ad also featured one of his rivals for the Republican nomination, Sen. Marco Rubio, whom Cruz heavily criticized for his immigration reform efforts in 2013. In the clip, Rubio was shown listening at the Nov. 10 debate held in Milwaukee as Cruz vows to triple the Border Patrol security if he becomes president.

Donald Trump, who is also vying for the GOP nomination, has accused Cruz of copying his controversial and inflammatory stance on immigration, which includes building a wall on the southern border to keep the immigrants out, the news outlet noted. Cruz refused to address the business magnate's accusation while campaigning in Iowa on Monday.

Economists who have studied immigration for years contradicted Cruz's claims that immigrants are bad for the U.S. economy, NBC News reported. General consensus indicated that immigration is beneficial to the country, but that it has the largest impact on workers with low skills.

According to a fact sheet penned by the Economic Policy Institute, immigrants do not lessen the employment rates of native-born Americans in the long run. However, the institute said that in the short run, immigration may somewhat reduce the unemployment rates of native-born Americans. The impact is bigger when the U.S. economy is weak.

The institute suggested that an independent federal agency should assess the U.S. labor market and provide annual recommendations to Congress on the required levels of permanent and temporary immigrant labor.

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